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Lord Norton

There is much speculation about the Prime Minister ‘calling’ an early election.  A Prime Minister cannot ‘call’ an early election.  The Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011 put paid to that.  I have previously explained the provisions of the Act.  The PM can go to the House of Commons to get it to vote (by a 2/3 majority) for an early election under s2 of the Act.  An election also takes place if a vote of no confidence is carried and if, within 14 days, there is a failure to form a new government and obtain a vote of confidence.  That is it.  The Queen has no powers now in respect of dissolution.

Some commentators still seem unaware of the provisions of the Act, hence claims that the PM is considering ‘calling’ a ‘snap’ election.  Some are now aware of the implications, but seem to think its provisions can somehow be got around.  They cannot without a new Act of Parliament.  As I have explained in a post on my blog, a simple measure of repeal is not as simple as it sounds.  Repeal by itself would mean that  Parliament could continue in perpetuity, since there would be no statutory limit on its length.  Repealing the Act would not bring back the earlier legislation stipulating the maximum length of a Parliament.  One would need to stipulate what would replace it.  One could bring back what previously existed, but that would need to be provided for in the measure.  One could enact a Bill to provide for an election at a particular date.  The point is that legislation would be required.  The 2011 Act cannot be ‘fixed’ other than by fresh legislation.

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  1. MilesJSD
    08/11/2016 at 11:35 pm

    The UK Peoples are per-head-individually consuming five (5) times more than their fair-share of this planet Earth’s “carrying-capacity”;
    and are at the same time further puppet-like “intestinally–impoverished” by marching in the wake of Uncle Sam’s Joe & Jane Doe who are each consuming 9-times more than their worldly fair-share.

    With the prevailing UK Constitution, Traditional-Establishment & Judiciary, and ‘Social-Mobility’ Structure
    together remaining not only utterly helpless but militantly-unwilling to reverse this UK’s increasing ‘slither’ down the insidiously-slippery-slope of self-and-People ‘mindfully’-deluding
    coupled to grossly materially over-consuming and destroying our common Earth’s lifesupports,
    it is extremely difficult to
    (i) regulate one’s present days
    (ii) longer-term plan our individual-future
    (iii) longest-term, co-plan our Human Race’s longest-term Future;

    especially when we do not yet have People-competence, nor Parliamentary-competence, in ordinary oligarchical top-down Democracy,

    and ‘no hope whatsoever’ of advancing into ‘people-upwards Participatory Democratisation’ –
    even more ‘hopelessly’ so when irregularly confronted by and ‘buried in under’
    paralysing-broods of “Gordian-knots” literally preventing our Progress –

    even ‘though occasionally “right-knowledge” of these “knots” is being “leaked” to us by such ‘pillars-of-society’ as your good self, Lord Norton.

    It begins to “intuitively-feel” that Britain is,
    almost ‘secretly-deliberately’,
    in preparation for a National-Emergency
    and a Centralised-Military-Junta type of martial-law …

  2. 10/11/2016 at 8:53 pm

    Lord Norton,

    The President-Elect of the United States has received communications from a number of diplomats and even heads of state. It is not so unusual.

    Given the reality of things it might be useful to know if the possibility of a new election is intended by the Tories to seek new leadership.

    As one can see the leaders make quite a difference:

  3. maude elwes
    12/11/2016 at 1:31 pm

    A general election is badly needed in order to rid the people of the likes of Tim Farron and Evette Cooper-Balls. He, a religious nut who feels God is calling on him to reverse the Brexit vote and she a hysterical stooge to every hate campaign able to raise its head. Akin to so many others in that house of power, they appear to have crossed the line between reality and fantasy.

    Then there are those in that place facing criminal investigation. The suffering constituents of any suspected drug dealer or sex trafficker, should be in a position to get rid of such influence as the humiliation of having to pay their wages is an insult. Why should they be stuck without a suitable representative for extended periods of time because it suits the sitting MP to feel he is secure for the next five years, regardless of his imperfection?

    So, the answer here is, the legislation put in place to thwart the ‘no confidence’ vote was a huge mistake and once again, it is the country that has to bear the brunt of these inadequacies, year after year. Rather than sorting the mess out as fast as you can it is left behind blinkered eyes. Too much time off is why. They have endless holidays so no time for business it gets in the way.

    • 14/11/2016 at 11:47 am

      It is indeed a “Gorgons Head full of Gordian Knots”, maude.

      I have to be “verbosely soap-boxy” nevertheless :-

      What both the carefully-concealed, Trillionnaire-Top, pleasure-pampered, oligarchic-overseers
      need –
      is both the same as,
      and in direct-conflict with,

      what the ‘hoi-polloi’ bottom-most ‘mindless-masses’ need –
      Multi-way participatory-democratisation
      and waste-not-want-not ‘bottom-up’ Governance training –

      and the huge-middle-of-us-the-remainder simply need to start doing what the Christ (Jesus) said He was going to do –
      “Prepare a Place for Us All” –

      and the safest and quickest way of doing that is still going to be, to

      peacefully-reform ourselves, our families, our neighbourhoods, our local-and-national Non-Governmental Organisations, Charities and Religions
      onto a basis of

      One-Human-Being needs only One-Human-Living;
      together with
      household, neighbourhood, communities, regions and nations,
      propagating bottom-up-governance
      on a basis of
      “Method III ‘No-Lose and Win-Win-Win’ Needs & Hows recognition and Cooperative Problem Solving” {Dr Thomas Gordon).
      How else are any humans-on-Earth-1 going to thrivally-survive
      until ‘our’ offspring find Earth-2
      and build the requisite space-fleet
      to emigrate them safely there – even ’emergency-plainly’ “one-way” ?

  4. 03/12/2016 at 9:29 pm

    We have quite a few possibly ‘ruling’
    and certainly ‘deeper’,
    but insidiously ‘life-improvement-sabotaging’
    ‘hiding’ behind this “Early-Election” tangled-knot.

    Firstly, the inability of our Past-Entrapped Constitution to provide constructive-flexibility and to be kept up-to-date,
    along with our Peoples’ and Establishments’ inabilities to make it resilient and up-to-date-able.

    Secondly, the similar respective inabilities of “The Monarchic Democracy” and “The People” to keep their inter-dependent “selves” up-to-date in both extraverted and introverted “holistic body-mindfulness” and in “linguistic-clarity, charity, self-corrigibility, and honesty.

    {Witness the current House of Lords “debate” upon
    “The UK’s Shared Values and their places in public policy”…
    [jsdm critically] Our peoples House of Protection and Essential-Advocacy (the House of Lords) appeared “unanimous” in praising the UK Monarchic Queen’s Church of England’s chief the Archbishop of Canterbury for tabling and ‘brilliantly’ introducing this “key-debate-topic”:
    our ordinary clear-thinking-public’s first quick round of scrutiny
    already knows, and can therefore make no fair-sense of,
    this Top-Christian-Archbishop
    [“top” under The Queen that is]
    bearing the totally one-sided Militantly-Downwards-Dogmatic-Law
    that only the One-Anglican-God and His Christian-Life-Values can be 1st priority for future legislation and the Rule-of-Law over “All of the People – All-of-the-Time”.

    Specificly this “debate” comes down from the one-and-only tripartite Superior on Earth
    namely Her Majesty The Queen –
    who in turn and equally, of course, sits under the One True Anglican God-the-Three-in-One (‘which is in Heaven”) ].

    Secondly, the words of “value” to be chosen by our ‘Advocates’ in the House of Lords

    {relevantly, this House is the Peoples’ Last Protection
    against “being-ripped-off”‘ by other powers
    but saliently by the Big-Business-Serving House of Commons}

    appear to be almost all “higher-mind-conceptual-labels” :
    “moral”, “ideal”, “common-man’s abstractly-descriptive”, and “vernacular”;
    and are mostly Rhetorical and SCA [State-of-Consciousness-Altering] -words, phrases, sentences, and whole-speeches.

    [ such terms as “loyalty”, “democracy”, “determination”, “prosperity”, “family-values”, “home-ownership”. “hard-work”, “freedom of religion”, “fairplay”, “decency”…
    few if any of which could be used as practical-keywords in any
    “How-to know and uphold a Value” legislation
    and its subsequent Rules & Regulations.

    Far from being a “better-practices-focusing” cooperative-discussion and then ‘necessarily-and-traditionally’ a win-lose-debate”;
    and far from being drawn from and in-depth-instanced by,
    direct-evidences from the lifeplaces-and-lives of the People,
    and from the “grass-roots & coal-face”
    of the “all sorts and conditions of people” –

    this majorly vital Need-for-Values-Advancement debate
    including possible radical changes, additions to, and subtractions from. the hitherto not-only-“best-class-level-values”
    but “best-all-people-sharing values”
    keeps us still-entrapped in traditional Altered-States-of-Consciousness.

    Another ASC strong-people-supporter-and-recruiter from inside the Church of England would be
    “All People That On Earth Do Dwell – ”
    [not just in the U.K.]
    “Sing To The Lord-[Christ-Alone] With Cheerful Voice;
    “Him Serve With Fear – His Praise Forthtell;
    “Come Ye Before Him-[Only] and Rejoice”}.

    [Very rousing music, and ‘wholesome-sounding’ words too –
    but altogether subliminally State-of-Consciousness Altering:
    see “Your Body: biofeedback at its best” (without instruments or machines)]

    Parliamentarians, to be effective as citizens and human-beings,
    but especially as Earthlife-and-People’s-Needs-Advocates in Legislative Duties,
    all, including the involved Staff and supportive Civil Servants,
    need to be both mind-and-word-perfect:

    and are needed to be vigilantly-immediate to “factor-out” both Rhetorical-Argumentation and ‘Enthymeming’.
    Tackle that
    and ‘tangled-gordian-knots and ‘insidious-sabotages’
    such as this ‘Can PMs Call Early-Elections’ “maze”
    will disappear – deprived of ‘holey’ ground to put down roots and survive in.

    (There is more
    but time and space do not permit -)

  5. 04/12/2016 at 10:07 pm

    The current
    “Call a Snap Election” issue,
    and “are we facing “Britons-Exit” and “Exit-Britain”
    as well ?

    along with greater issues e.g.
    “How Fit-for-Purpose is the UK Oligarchical-‘Democracy’ Governance Constitution & System ? “,

    and the Church-of-England’s current ‘Vital-Debating’ upon
    “How to legislate the UK’s Shared-Values ?”

    need to be “tackled” at three major levels, and in two diametricly-opposite ‘orders-of-priority’:

    (1) NUMBERS-POWERLY: Constitutionally; Legislatively; Community-Neighbourhoodly, Grouply and Individually,

    (2) LIFEPLACE-PRACTICAL TIMEFRAMELY: (the Reverse of the above ‘Power’ sequence).
    (a) Shared-Values.
    How are we to understand our [‘mere’] human-life’s values-&-purpose,
    within the values-&purpose of all Life
    (starting within this immediately and historically ‘knowable’ Earth-Life’s Values-Purposes) ?

    which in turn are within the “values” of the Non-Biological
    purely Physical
    Earth, Solar-system, Galaxy, and Universe ?

    (“) Thou Shalt Not Take The Name { the Worth, the Value, the Power, Ability, and Purpose } of God, in vaiin ”
    (“) The ‘Words’ of God are actually the Things that God created – and may still be going on creating (“).

    Would a
    “thank you Church-of-England
    for laying your whole Raison D’Etre open to scrutiny
    and thereby to both constructive and destructive ‘criticism’ “
    would such ‘humble’ responsiveness be both in order and apposite, here ?
    (b) Brexit and PM’s Autocratic Power to Call a Snap-Election.
    How would this be anything different-from, but better-than,
    “A Mighty British Army – moving with the Church of God –
    across an ultimately insidiously dark and destructive “whirlpool”
    of human-population-plagues,
    globally-‘economicly’ habitat-destruction, bio- lifesupports-extinction, and
    non-bio-lifesupports toxification, pollution, degradation,
    and one-way-destructive and irreversible ‘wasting’ (coal, oil, petrol, micro-nutrients & minerals …)

    – suddenly being order to “Halt !“ “Tread-Water!” “Mark-time” –
    [whilst we hold a Snap General Election –
    and get You to approve our Values, Purposes, and Multiple-Human-Livings
    ‘right’ and ‘sustain-able’
    as befits our set-in-the-concrete-of-our-Noble-British-Constitution’s
    Traditional-Establishment … ]
    (c) Adequating Governance &-Citizenship Powers by Holistic-Health-Building Enablements.
    [ Lists and supportive notes
    of overlooked advances in Holistic Health Building
    and in “Sustain-worthy-ing” both our individual self, and Worldwide-Civilisation
    may be found in the Not-for-Profit, Power, nor Prestige ‘voluntary-Earth- citizens’ websites and ].

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