At Euston, we can now save HS2 £4.7 bn!

Lord Berkeley

Euston Amalgam – a combination of Euston Express station for Euston and modifications to HS2’s approach tunnels.

Further discussions with the Department for Transport, HS2, Network Rail and others persuaded the Euston Express team to examine an alternative scheme which retained the E Ex scheme for Euston Station, with all tracks for WCML and HS2 within the station width, but connecting to the longer tunnel design of HS2 to avoid interfering with the WCML between Queens Park and Primrose Hill tunnels.

This is not only possible but also removes the need for the ‘Birdcage’ grade separation opposite Park Village East, and much reduces the effect of construction on WCML which, for the AP3 scheme, were severe.

This is described below as the ‘Euston Amalgam’, a combination of Euston Express station for Euston and modifications to HS2’s approach tunnels.

Cost estimates have changed, since the scope of both schemes has altered, but the like-for-like saving of the Euston Amalgam scheme compared with the latest version of AP3 is estimated to be £4.721bn.

See attachment…rh161130 Euston Amalgam summary Nov 2016 final

6 comments for “At Euston, we can now save HS2 £4.7 bn!

  1. LordBlagger
    30/11/2016 at 6:39 pm

    You can’t save any money since you’re wasting it.

    Wasting a bit less isn’t a saving, its still a waste.

    1. Put all the costs on tickets.
    2. No subsidies.
    3. Allow rail companies to operate on existing lines.

    Turns out only idiots and those with tax payer funded expense accounts will end up using HS2 in order to save 5 minutes.

  2. 30/11/2016 at 10:31 pm

    Longer-Term-Strategicly, all Top-Think-and Scrutiny Tanks are failing to longest-term balance-equations.

    With our 1st World’s “successfuly covertly-oligarchicised-‘democracy-of-allied- nations’,
    ever “militantly-desperately-needing”
    yet more human-livings-per-head than the 5 (five)-per-head [UK’s “share”]
    that this Planet can provide
    [further overloaded by the USA individual consuming,wasting,extincting and destroying 9 (nine) human-livings each;
    whereas billions of povertied people elsewhere around the planet
    are ‘surviving’ off half-a-human-living each
    [and even the comparatively ‘winning’ billion-plus mouths in China are over-consuming by 10% above their ‘fair-share’ and militantly-weaponing-up to increase their “Growth”] …
    words fail us – so I must ‘give-way’ –

    {Check with the David Attenborough-hosted TV Eden documentary “How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth”;
    and also with facts, factors and reasonings publicised by myself via , , and by the House of Lords’s minority ‘two-way democratic reach-out to the Public’
    [this e-site that a few stalwart “people-orienting” peers are somehow managing to maintain] }.
    The ultimate major-strategic-need ‘point’ here is to be all-round & in-depth preparing this British-Isles United Kingdom
    in a long-long-term ‘comfortably-frugal-common-lifestyle’ manner
    under a longest-term Sustain-worthy Super-Logistical Plan,
    to eke out whatsoever Lifesupports we ourselves
    now AND ‘tomorrow’
    will self-sufficiently ‘own’ and peace-ably command.


    [one-eyed ‘slippery-sloping’ ?
    – fair-weather-feasting-while-the-sun-shines ? –
    live-for-today-for-tomorrow-we-die ?]

    may not be even ‘medium-term’ sustain-able,
    let alone longest-term sustain-worthy.

  3. 07/12/2016 at 2:07 am

    Surely Britain’s “affordabilities” should be predicated upon,
    a both-sustainwortthy-&-sustainable longest-term future-strategy foundation ?

    but in traditional-fact thereafter are
    “by-default-blindly” legislated and implemented
    regardless of hidden further-costs
    and the risk of both early unaffordability and premature-obsolescence ?

    Thus the HS2 Problem is likewise on a quicksands basis, is it not ?

    Isn’t it a fact that Human-Race-Global-Survival-wise :-
    Alone, the individual Briton is consuming
    – including ‘wasting’, bio-lifesupports-extincting, and non-renewable-resources destroying –
    5-times in-excess of this Earth’s carrying-capacity than this Earth can replace, and is likewise 5-times more than a plainly sane one-human-living ‘guzzling’ ?

    Isn’t that disastrously-enough to make
    the whole of the human-beings massively-overloaded Airways, Highways, and Railways
    let alone the newly-luxurious High-Speed trains £Billions of taxpayers’ capital and human-energies wasteful
    a guaranteed “Down-the-human-and-historic Drain”
    before even the first commuting clerk
    or the first day-tripping family or lone-schoolchild
    can climb-aboard ?

  4. 10/12/2016 at 10:04 pm

    HS2 should be scrapped in favor of more frequent, more affordable trains with functioning wifi. The time saving just isn’t worth it – just like it wasn’t for Concorde.


    • 13/12/2016 at 6:53 am

      May I think your ‘track’ to be right, Wendy M. Grossman –

      but to also think that by wanting “more frequency” you would have us continue missing the vital longest-term question of

      “How longest-term sustainworthily-sustainable are even the present trains likely to remain ?”

      [There is a quite extensively staffed and funded academic ‘movement’ in favour of “De-Growth” – but it appears to be ‘toothless’ ongoingly ].

      However, taking-in such documentaries as “How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth” will not need GCSE level comprehension to both “feel” and cognitively-recognise the ultimately-serious threat to our Human Race survival,
      and to most other Lifeforms on this Earth, of our continuing blindly-careering Civilisations;
      as well as their ‘runaway destruction’ of Earth’s non-renewable Minerals and Fuels in-the-ground,
      which is also ‘helping’ the increasingly lethal toxification of air-to-breathe and ofclean-water-to-drink,
      and is “supporting” the over-population”horrific-disaster-in-the-making” ].
      So I think we need to really “pull in our horns” and
      “over the top” as it may seem,
      radically-re-shape, re-quantify and re-qualify all extant Civilisations,
      and here-and-now single-focus tackle our Britain-Internal Ecolonomic Needs:
      radically so, and immediately possible to begin, Rural Re-Settlement into Cooperative-Longlease-Tenancies ‘Kitchen-Garden’ Housing Estate Trusts –

      where Local Ecolonomics (including the correct ‘established’ Micro-Economic equations, of which there are a few) needs to make long-distance travel, both for ‘business’ and for ‘holidays, a “deluded-guzzle-of-the-past”‘-

      and Earth’s Fuel and Vital Resources, as well as Humankind’s bio-technological fitness-for-purpose, will be conserved.

  5. 12/01/2017 at 4:03 am

    that BOTH our bio-human survival resilience
    our Technology Logistics

    are totally dependent upon this Planet Earth’s Bio and Non-Bio Lifesupports.

    These Lifesupports are being extincted
    and one-way irreversibly Destroyed
    by our “Masterful-Technology”
    and our “superior hand and brain skills”;
    which we are dead-set upon parading around every Environment like Kings & Queens, Lords & Ladies, Senior-Citizens & Olympic Youths, in regal carriages and “private-vehicles”.

    Surely our primary need, both the old and the young, is to
    cooperatively-mutually be majorly focusing upon making ourselves bio-resilient.

    Thus alone may we become able to reduce our, and other peoples’, Destruction of this Earth’s Lifesupports;

    and begin to increase our Holistic-Health and Sustain-worthiness,

    instead of ever-insidiously and yet crazily-brazenly too
    increasing our Wastages, Weaknesses, Illnesses, Impairments, Disabilities, and Delusions.
    Begin doing this “Bio-Resiliencing”
    and then see what technology
    and “HS2Trains”
    can do
    to support this Human-Race’s Longest-Term survival and sustainworthy-thrival needs and affordable-hows.

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