Government must urgently address the BREXIT people fallout.

Lord Berkeley

Many peers would have received today an e mail, reproduced below, from 272 UK expats working and living in the EU.  No doubt similar concerns are raised from the millions of EU nationals living and working in the UK.   The Tory party created this awful mess affecting millions of people’s lives as well as our own economy for selfish political reasons.   They need to address these concerns urgently and, in so doing, might reflect on Jonathan Freedland in the Guardian today 9 July 2016: ‘Cameron really was the true heir to Blair: both were totally reckless.’

Letter from 272 Expats to many peers:

For the attention of:

Her Majesty’s Government and its Representatives in the United Kingdom and the European Union

My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are a group of British Citizens living and working in the European Union. As a result of the recent Referendum in the United Kingdom, the resignations of both the Prime Minister and the European Commissioner and also the general state of confusion and economic uncertainty resulting from the vote to leave the European Union, we are very concerned about the repercussions that may arise which could have significant impacts on our future and the future of our children, many of whom now regard their EU country of residence as ‘their home’.

As a small group of expatriates and their friends in Europe and at home, we don’t purport to represent the entire Expatriate Community in the European Union, however we do believe that many would share most, if not all of our concerns.

The contents of this letter represent a non-exhaustive summary of uncertainties about which we would like to understand the position of both the British Government and the European Union going forward. Its purpose is not to represent any political view or comment about the referendum itself, but to draw attention to the uncertainties that exist, and hopefully to promote transparent communication towards our community regarding their outcomes.


Many of the people in the group have spent some time outside the UK living and working in the European Union. Others are European Union citizens living and working in the UK. Some have been abroad for many years whilst others may only just be starting their planned travels now. We would like assurances that if we are living within the European Union outside our country of nationality, that we will be able to continue to do so without fear of deportation. We would also like to understand what rules may or may not exist, or may be likely to exist in the future, that could prevent our continued freedom of movement, for example, will there be qualifying time limits for continued residency, will there be time limits after which those rights are lost (i.e. the right to return). The right to continued residency, for expatriates within current EU countries, regardless of their ability to have an ‘independent income’ outside the Government benefit schemes in their country of residence, is of paramount importance to us.

Healthcare – EHIC, S1, Illness, Private Health Insurance

The European Union has provided for an excellent system of coverage from one country to the next and access to healthcare is a primary concern of anybody no matter where they live;  for example, the right to continued EHIC. We would like to know the likely impacts to the provision of healthcare and whether existing systems and procedures will be maintained for those already living abroad.

Property – Full ownership, Mortgaged, Renting, Property Tax

Many of us own property abroad, some of us rent, and some intend to own or rent abroad. What guarantees will be in place in the future to ensure that we will maintain the right, as individuals, to hold ownership of, to hold franchise of or to rent properties, for either private or commercial use in the EU without penalty or pre-emption?

Financials – Bank Accounts, Loans, Mortgages, Savings, Investments, SEPA and Transfer of Funds, Insurances

Most expatriates bank locally wherever they are living. Are there any specific EU rules or regulations that currently make this easier for expatriates within the EU that may be rescinded in future? What steps can we take to ensure our savings remain safe and accessible? We ask for the right to financial security; to continue to use these bank accounts, loans, mortgages, savings and investments (without financial penalty) that may be outside the EU if the UK invokes article 50 of the Lisbon treaty.

Pensions – Private or State

Pension laws are usually specific to each country but we have heard that some bonus schemes may cease to exist after the UK’s exit or that there may be significant tax implications. What can the UK and EU do to protect those people, British or European, who have pensions either from their home country or abroad?

We ask for the right to maintain our accumulated UK State pension rights and our accumulated State pension rights in our country of residence; our rights to purchase an annuity, to better our pensionable income, in our country of residence, no matter if the investment annuity comes from an EU country or the UK.

Further to this we ask that you consider the following concerns regarding the State Pension.

All the adults in the group have paid into State Pension and we would like to highlight the following points that we deem unfair:

  1. The State Pension is frozen at the point of claiming.
  2. There are no annual increases, which UK residents receive.
  3. Other EU citizens receive annual increases and their pensions are not frozen at the time of claiming.

Education – University fees and Entrance, British Teachers Abroad, Children in Local Education at Country of Residence.

Many families abroad rely on the same facilities enjoyed by citizens, not least of which are educational services. How can we ensure that we can safeguard these services and continue to enjoy them under the same conditions we currently do? Can you guarantee that all children, of UK citizens currently residing in the EU, will continue to receive a high standard of education until the age of 18? Can you provide assurances that the EU Tuition Fee structure on offer to British Citizens who currently attend University in the European Union or who plan to attend these Institutions in the future will not change?

Animals – European Pet Passport, Transport and Movement of Animals

Can you guarantee that the ‘Pet Passport Scheme’ will not be revoked in the UK? Can you also assure us that there will be no return to the quarantine of pets travelling between the UK and EU as a result of the UK leaving the EU?

Safety and Security

What will change with regard to the current UK/EU policy on safety and security that may affect us? Will the cooperation between intelligence and armed forces that currently exist continue to protect the interests of all UK and EU residents, irrespective of their nationality?

Employment and the right to work

Many expatriates live in foreign countries for work reasons. This may be through choice or necessity but the right to work is clearly paramount to any person’s ability to support themselves and their families, and to avoid the need for benefit claim.  What guarantees will be put in place to ensure that we will have the continued right to employment and the right to work?

Business and Trade – Small Business Owners, Import and Export

Whilst we understand the nature of the EU and the freedom of trade it enables, and the potential consequential danger to trade agreements after the UK has left the EU, many of us rely on the established status quo and will be very seriously impacted if the free nature of the UK/EU relationship alters. What will happen to the rules and regulations currently governing business owners, trade, and future entrepreneurs?

Income Tax – Double Taxation, Global Income Taxation and National Insurance Contributions

What guarantees can you make that we will continue under the same Double Taxation Rule? What will be the effect on Income Tax and National Insurance Contributions?

Benefits – Unemployment Benefit, Child Benefit, E101, Social Security, Long-term Sickness Benefits

Will those eligible, be able to continue or start using the Benefits available to them under current regulations? If not, how will those living and working abroad be protected in the event of the need to claim such benefits?

Wills and Inheritance

Will the law that governs current Wills and Inheritance Status change and if so what can we expect?

Passports, Driving Licences and ID Cards

What can we expect to happen with our current legal documents and when? Will UK citizens need new passports just because existing passports are EU passports? Will driving licences still be valid for use abroad?

Vehicles – Tax, Insurance, Sales, Import and Export

How will the current regulations change?

Customs and Excise, Border Control

We would like to know if there would be a requirement for Visas and what guarantees and notifications would you give to those currently residing in the EU?  What changes can we expect to see and how can the impact be minimised or even made to be beneficial?

Contingency and Support in the event of reduced rights

We understand as a group that the UK’s decision to leave the EU means that many expatriate rights may change and that freedom of movement between the UK and the EU may be impacted. As a demographic, our group will be harder hit by these changes than any other. We seek to avoid change wherever possible. However, in the event that changes occur that have significant impact (e.g. deportation), what support will be given to those affected who suffer loss as a result?

Our Request

We cordially request that the following actions be taken on our behalf:

  1. Each concern is raised in Parliament (both Houses) and subsequently,the relevant Governmental Department is notified of the need to act on their current policies.
  2. A channel of communication is opened between Government Officials and British Citizens in the European Union.
  3. A Timeline of Exit and a Plan of Action.
  4. Reassurances to British Citizens in the European Union and at home that any further negotiations on the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union will be conducted in an open and honest manner with the best interests of all in mind.
  5. Provide us with any other information and clarification that you may have on your position in this matter.

We thank you for your time and request that you respond to our letter. Also we would appreciate your support and commitment in helping British Citizens living in the EU with the requested actions.

Yours Faithfully

Debra Williams

For and behalf of the 272 members of the online group and their supporters

Brexpats – Hear our Voice


26 comments for “Government must urgently address the BREXIT people fallout.

  1. LordBlagger
    09/07/2016 at 6:32 pm

    Don’t worry.

    Democracy has just removed three entire tiers of politicians (mostly failed) from interfering with the UK public.

    I think we can manage another, the House of Lords.

    On expat rights, there are some who have the idea right.

    IF and only IF the Eu acts, then the UK reciprocates.

    • maude elwes
      12/07/2016 at 5:21 pm

      @ Blagger:

      I agree that democracy has worked, that is until we have to accept 2/3rds of Parliamentarians do not want to respect the vote of 17.5 million people. Whom they refer to either as racists or xenophobes. And that as such, the result should be ignored because it was not a binding vote. So they tell us. And of course those who are telling us are the unelectable crew who fear the loss of their little retainers. Albeit, that was not the information given to the public at the time the vote was called.

      There is, they say, no need to stand by the referendum because the public are too stupid to know what they are voting for. We are not the Swiss and have no political understanding. This should be the trigger to rid the country of the House of Lords.

      So, you have to work out why. Kinnock and his Mrs, along with their offspring, as well as Ashton and many, many others, are on enormous pension payouts from the unelected group in the EU. The EU shells out a remarkable amount of our tax payers funds keeping themselves in the position of useless eaters.

      Additionally, the Lords gentlemen farmers have pay offs for either not producing milk, or, for growing trees and on an on. More bent than a nine bob note. They glean enormous subsidies for doing nothing. Nice little kick backs. Then there are those who live in Europe but still claim the role as ‘Lord’ in the British upper chamber, whilst on their Westminster jaunts collecting the freebies regularly whilst having no residence in the UK.

      Add to that the lawyers and the ECHR big earners working for all those immigrants and refugees trying to claim legality as they use our legal aid cash to pay for it. Many of these lawyers were immigrants themselves who make millions out of this lark. As the cost to take their clients woes to that court is a fortune to the British tax payer.

      So now, they are seeking a judicial review to screw the public out of their vote to be separate from that sinister, greedy bunch of spivs called EU Commissioners. Akin to the Lords, all unelected.

      Add to all of that the fact the the US have told our government they cannot quite the EU as doing that knobbles their easy access through our parliament to additional expansion games and the promised war with Russia, using Ukraine and Polish borders. It may have to be halted if we renege on their deal. So, there is a big stake for those dark horses to make sure they quash the vote by hook or by crook.

      Which, of course, is why there will be no GE until 2020. Don’t give the public the chance to vote for a pro Brexit group. Hence a Remainer appointed to the position of PM via a rigged non ballot of Conservative members.

      Just read this article first raised in the Telegraph in 2000. It may give you a bit of a turn. Then maybe not. Follow it up with the interview with ex white house advisor under Reagan. Then perhaps all this EU adoration will fall into place. Especially when you take into account the Blairites lined up in opposition to rid themselves of the man their voters want to lead them. He, they felt, was lite on EU propaganda and lost the IN/OUT vote. But to add insult to injury they offer their membership, Eagle, as she feels she could win a general election. If it wasn’t so sad it would be hilarious. However, she, I believe is the stalking horse.

      And the interview revealing this situation.

      Then to invoking Article 50 in order to get the ball rolling as quickly as possible.

      You will read that Parliament does not have to trigger Article 50. It can be done through Royal Prerogative.

      It should interest you greatly.

      • LordBlagger
        13/07/2016 at 10:47 am

        I agree that democracy has worked, that is until we have to accept 2/3rds of Parliamentarians do not want to respect the vote of 17.5 million people

        No. 2/3rds wanted a different outcome.

        Doesn’t mean 2/3rds will ignore the vote. If they do they go down the Lib Dem route.

        Whom they refer to either as racists or xenophobes.

        And mentally ill, on drugs, in need of medication, ….

        This should be the trigger to rid the country of the House of Lords.

        yep. 3 layers gone. Another referenda and we can get rid of the Lords. Why won’t they propose it?

        You will read that Parliament does not have to trigger Article 50. It can be done through Royal Prerogative.

        Correct. It’s a treaty.

      • LordBlagger
        10/08/2016 at 5:46 pm

        * I agree that democracy has worked, that is until we have to accept 2/3rds of Parliamentarians do not want to respect the vote of 17.5 million people

        1. Needs the Lords to vote on that as well.

        If they do, its the end of the Lords and lots of MPs.

        * Whom they refer to either as racists or xenophobes.

        And mentally, on drugs, not on drugs, stupid, …

        All because they saw through the lies.

        * This should be the trigger to rid the country of the House of Lords.

        Just one of many. Hence the need for the state secrecy certificates.

        * enormous pension payouts

        EU’s first demand? Top of the list? Pay our pensions

        * Don’t give the public the chance to vote for a pro Brexit group.

        More subtle. No article 50 would be the end of lots of political careers.

        The basic problem remains, and that’s what the public realized even if they can’t articulate it.

        Free movement of people and free access to state goods are incompatible.

  2. MilesJSD
    09/07/2016 at 6:40 pm

    Over 1,500 words to state a few hundred British citizens’ inter-civilisational or logistic “needs”;

    that’s before we have even a short-list of their

    and of our kindred remaining more than 63 million British citizens’

    main-life timeframe natural and essential lifesupports needs –
    [food, water, holistic-health-building supports,
    and not least, participative-democratisation meeting and co-learning places …]

    and e.g.
    for “guaranteed at least one-human-living + special-needs, per person”
    and rights to friendly egalitarian ‘No Lose’ Method III Needs & Affordable Hows Recognition and Cooperative Problem Solving .

  3. Croft
    10/07/2016 at 9:51 am

    While there are reasonable questions to ask on some of them are fairly frivolous. I’ve lived and worked abroad. Everywhere i’ve been – Just as b4 the EU existed – I could use an international drivers license. Just as practically all western countries allow rental/property ownership for non-citizens on essentially the same terms. You may have to pay for your own university education abroad (most similar countries cover <18s) but no more than you do if you go to study in the US for example. We have double taxation treaties with various countries – I can't see that this is a difficult issue to settle.

    • Ian Brooker
      13/07/2016 at 10:42 am

      Actually you are wrong about the International Driving Permit. This can only be used for a limited period – 1 year I believe. It is not a full driving license and not intended for residents.

      Also, of course. EU university fees are MUCH lower than US fees. This low cost option will be removed for thousands of UK students.

      • Croft
        14/07/2016 at 9:50 am

        I didn’t say its wasn’t time limited – but if you are intending to reside (semi) permanently then frankly sitting a driving test is a small beer. As to universities. The ‘low cost’ option still exists and many of the self same EU institutions presently take non EU students at costs lower than US or UK fees.

      • maude elwes
        14/07/2016 at 10:59 am

        Then they can all line up in Scotland, where the first minister has told the world she is longing for more human resources, wherever they are from. They do not need degrees or even skills, as she is prepared to welcome them by at least 24,000 a year promising not to refuse anyone.

        They have free education at all levels. Job done. No worries.

      • 19/07/2016 at 7:33 pm

        IÂ’d like to say that you always offer valid inotomafirn and I have been an fascinated reader of your site for quite some time. I wanted to say thankyou really for all the good work you do!

  4. LordBlagger
    11/07/2016 at 9:38 pm

    Very easy. Off the EU the WTO deal, and no freedom of movement.

    The Look on Junker’s face when he has to tell EU countries that the deal with the UK is no freedom, and the EU has to pay the UK for trade, year in year out. Worth every penny.

    The EU will cave. Given the choice between a deal where they pay the UK, a disaster for their need to stamp out democracy, and their PR disaster of those payments, they will go with no payments and caving in on free movement.

    What’s likely is free movement but no free access to UK state goods. They have to be paid in full. Can’t see many EU citizens topping the 32K a year tax payments to make them net contributors.

    On the democracy front, the Lords is next.

  5. maude elwes
    12/07/2016 at 5:41 pm

    How very odd that ‘275’ people want to live happily as ex pats, but, want to continue to reap the benefits of being looked after by the British tax payer.

    Why can’t they get these perks they are after where they reside and pay taxes? This lark of our benefits being there fore the rest of the Europeans who either come here and go home at weekends, or, live in other countries. And it isn’t simply in the EU. The money they are asking for, is not spent in the UK and therefore circling in our economy. It is used to prop up other economies at aour cost.

    I can understand and respect the right of retired or disabled people who were born in the UK, worked and have a right to what they were paying for, no matter where they choose live. To do otherwise is fraudulent.

    The British are being taken for clowns. How much can they get in Germany, France, Belgium and Romania when they settle there? How much health care can they receive without insurance? How much child benefit, or, disability allowances? And if you then write and say they can claim all of it, as it is done here, free healthcare at the point of use, etc., then they don’t need ours do they? Funny that.

    • Ian Brooker
      13/07/2016 at 10:45 am

      We are certainly acting like clowns. We may be faced with the loss of a million young hard working ex pats working in the UK with the return of a million elderly expats from Spain etc.. The impact on the NHS alone will be devastating.

      As for your callous dismissal of real concerns of hundreds of thousands of British people overseas, words fail me!

      • maude elwes
        14/07/2016 at 11:27 am

        @ Ian Booker:

        Not half the impact of millions of immigrants entering the UK with the kind of disease that lasts a lifetime, or, takes huge costs to help toward a cure. Examples: Tuberculosis, Cancer, Tropical diseases like the Dengue fever, Tika. Then there’s malnutrition, rickets, female genital mutilation creating enormous queues stretching a mile at the obstetrics clinic, with additional costs of problems created by incest or inbreeding to the unborn child. I could go on.

        Here is a list that will be more helpful on an educational level.

        I don’t think our old people, who incidentally fought for this ‘National Health Service’ free at the point of use and paid for it through their taxation, and not advised it was to be an ‘International Health Service’ for the lame and halt of the planet when they decided to fork out for it.

        Which of course brings us on to education, which again, no one was advised or asked if they agreed to the cost of educating the world at our expense.

        If you want to ask the people of the UK to cure, educate and generally feed the world, be open about it. The way Bob Geldorf did and does, through his charity work. We can all donate without the need to adopt.

        And as far as the work of those who want to enter this country is concerned, why don’t we use our funds to educate and ready those born here to fill the places we employ others to do, at a rate of pay untenable to accept.

        Additionally, isn’t it true that if you are a resident in the EU you are expected to have some form of health insurance to cover your needs?

        You really must go and donate to the charities you wish to support and not expect the working poor of our country to do it for you.

        • LordBlagger
          15/07/2016 at 10:15 am

          I don’t think our old people, who incidentally fought for this ‘National Health Service’ free at the point of use and paid for it through their taxation


          The elite failed to realise that free movement of people and free access to state resources at the point of need are incompatible.

          In most of Europe, its pay before treat.

      • LordBlagger
        14/07/2016 at 12:06 pm

        How does a migrant on min wage (14K a year gross) generate enough tax to cover the 12K a year cost of their state services, let alone the future cost of their pensions?

        Being poor, more money is redistributed to them. The 12K is the average state spend per person so its the low end.

        The answer is they don’t. That means someone else suffers austerity. Either in their take home pay, or because their state services are salami sliced thinner.

        You then have the knock on effects. House prices up, pushing rents higher. You have wages pushed down, particularly for the poor.

        Most economic migration is lose-win for the UK, win for the migrant.

        Migration should be win-win and that’s the big change that’s going to happen.

        Spain should do likewise.

        • MilesJSD
          17/07/2016 at 12:25 am

          The UK minimum sufficient income is £150 per week;

          any-one HAVING to have twice that, is deluded
          i.e. that they are two human-beings.

          Any-one “needing” ten times that is clearly at least 9 times deluded
          [e.g. a psychiatrist, who judges YOU to be the deluded one,
          “won’t get out of bed” for less than £2000 a week;

          and this “tower-of-babel super-inflated leading-civilisation Pyramid” is
          “world-leading rational Britain
          and the British People
          and their proven-excellent governance-experts ?

          Show also that those deluded multiple-incomers already have their business-costs separately paid by the Employer.

          Blagger, work to the truth, please:
          more British people are emigrating to other countries
          as “private-self-incomed non-workers”
          than are foreigners immigrating to Britain.

          • maude elwes
            18/07/2016 at 11:55 am

            @ Miles JSD

            Do you pay rent? Do you pay council tax? Because if yo do, then I can tell you one of those alone comes to £150.00 pw. You are deluded if you believe you can live on £150 pw, unless, that is, you live in a cardboard box in some street doorway.

            Additionally, what I was referring to was working people. If you work you also have to be clean, meaning taking a shower, wear suitable clothing, use public transport, eat, pay rent, even if it is in a share a flat it is £150 pw in London and the Home Counties minimum. So what are you talking about?

          • LordBlagger
            19/07/2016 at 9:39 am

            Blagger, work to the truth, please:
            more British people are emigrating to other countries
            as “private-self-incomed non-workers”
            than are foreigners immigrating to Britain.


            Nope. Net migration to the UK is positive.

  6. 13/07/2016 at 2:27 pm

    Lord Berkeley,

    I think that the BRexit referendum will surely affect many people and British expats more than most. However, the questions you raise as raised elsewheere include the following:

    Safety and Security

    What will change with regard to the current UK/EU policy on safety and security that may affect us? Will the cooperation between intelligence and armed forces that currently exist continue to protect the interests of all UK and EU residents, irrespective of their nationality?

    I think that providing for the security of persons with legitimate business across Europe is a powerful interest for all sorts of people. Numerous institutions exist to preserve such security and doubtless the UK would be a very desirable partner with the United States, Russia, Japan, China and the UAE to name a few countries that would be hopeful that their own citizens would be secure in Europe within reason. I do not write this to diminish the concerns of other people but only to make a real point on which I might sadly elaborate quite a bit….

  7. MilesJSD
    19/07/2016 at 5:51 pm

    Maude !
    Evidently you have not yet been enabled to ‘share’ key-information
    [qua misnomered “Intelligence”]

    in the fields of Holistic Health-building
    [as distinct from the National Illnesses Sector, misnomered since 1948 as the “National Health Service”, and its Mono-Dominant Primary Medical Care – again public-dupingly deliberately misnomered Primary Health Care after the UN Declaration of Primary Health Care had innovated “Health” as needing all sectors outside of the Specialist-Medical-Sector]

    and that the British Government was the first in the World to write into Law
    (‘) Every-one entitled to live in the UK in future will need a Minimum Weekly Income of £150, plus Special Allowances such as Rent-Support; and the Government now guarantees that minimum(“).
    So why did you ‘blast-off, shooting-the-messenger, and calling into question that mere messenger’s state-of-mind, as probably being “deluded” ?

    Think about The Human State of Mind for a moment:
    Two neighbouring houses in a street, same rent, one human-being in each, one living off that minimum sufficiency (and “best-environmentally-friendly”) income of £150 pw plus any Special Allowances;

    the other happens to be a “Health”-Career-Expert who judges our “sanity” and robustly treats our states of delusion – namely a Psychiatrist,
    who “won’t get out of bed” for less than £1500 per week

    which is ten(10) sufficient-human-livings

    which translates environmentally and logicly to the psychiatriste being at least 9-times deluded – s/he thinks
    [and so does the UK’s Biggest Employer and Sector the “NHS” Constitutional-Class that psychiatric-personnel “serve” within]
    that s/he is individually and in Life many-more than one-human-being.

    Friendly for a moment please,
    the World is domineered by “Win-Lose’ Adversarism and Unopposed Individual-Capitalism

    And here sit you and me, “set-up” against each other by that System’s Militantly Dominant Career-Ladders whose “competitive edges” require them to “use” i.e. manipulate and exploit, their public and clientele thus:-
    “Let’s you and them fight !”

    Not only in Britain, but evidently not anywhere in the World, is there constituted a “win-win-win” methodological possibility !

    {Please do visit “Basics” in either or; and see long lists of neglected and ‘done-down’ advances.
    (Skip all the other pages and Unresolved-Problems – surely we simply do not have time to be clearing up our Best and Topmost national and world “leaders” messy garbages, failed-policies, and inaccessible-constitutional gaping-black-holes.

    And, kind lady, could you kindly allow me an equivalent of “parliamentary privilege” here ?
    Please ? ).

    • maude elwes
      21/07/2016 at 2:31 pm

      @ Miles JSD

      You are entitled to all the Parliamentary privilege you wish for on this website. However, that privilege does not mean you have title to ‘no opposition.’ Which sadly, is the disgrace we presently have to tolerate in that House we call Democratic. That one on the banks of the River Thames.

  8. MilesJSD
    25/07/2016 at 10:30 pm

    Here’s hoping we can now be more brief whenever possible?


  9. MilesJSD
    25/07/2016 at 11:36 pm

    Whilst “parliament” is all about finding better [*] words to satisfy a “majority” that
    “That matter is now settled”;

    we still need(ed) the pre-requisite Basics to be both relevant
    and right-up-to-date both on the Table and in the minds
    of not only all of the participant-parliamentarians,
    but of “all-of-the-People” too:-

    “This is an age during which we are encouraged to learn more and more about less and less.
    Consequently it is de rigeur to compartmentalise all manner of expertise.
    Regardless of your field of endeavour, after you have studied the “basics” you are encouraged to pick a “specialty”.

    Whilst this makes sense in fields such as medicine,
    it has always seemed an artificial approach, particularly when applied to theatre {drama, not medical: jsdm] and most specifically to voice, speech, and movement.”
    [Barbara Adrian’s opening introductory words to her “Actor Training The Laban Way: an integrated approach to Voice, Speech, and Movement”; 2008]

    Via, some of us participants if not the majority, are striving for better Clarity, Charity, Self-Corrigibility,
    and might we add “longest-term sustainworthiness” ?

    To follow maude elwes’s above lead into the “…no opposition disgrace in that House we call Democratic…”
    jsdm here is constantly asking our publishing-peers, and the moderating Hansard citizenship-educators, to
    (1) show up front the greater ‘hidden’ Context that is imperceptibly impingeing upon, shaping, or even ‘procrusteanising’, the published topic.
    (2) not only ‘get familiar’ with all of the advances in both Knowledge and Know-How, but at least each seated peer
    [and every political-party-member, politician, candidate and focally Representative in the House of Commons]
    in their ‘private-off-duty’ lifeplaces
    start-into personally “doing” what these advances impart.

    “BREXIT” type bodies, individually and in groups and masses, should by this time be all acquiring such advanced Basics as the above
    “Integrated approach to Voice, Speech, and Movement”
    and be already intimately-personally following its progressive guidances –

    which are none other than great Holistic-Health-building foundations, anyway !

  10. maude elwes
    09/08/2016 at 7:46 pm

    Here is a link all British people and their ruling class should read and do so more than once.

    It explains, very succinctly, why these mouthpieces we have in parliament are failing the electorate miserably.

    Let alone having to listen to this mumby pumby we have called, Smith, demanding a call for a ‘second’ Brexit vote before we are to be free of it for good. You know, I and many others, don’t like his electoral win. I don’t think his constituents really took into account what they were getting when they voted for him. Lies were told and so his win is unsafe. Now the constituents have seen him in practice, it’s time for him to face deselection and stand for office again as an independent. That way we can all be sure he was elected on his performance and not his promises. A re-run is a must. And not only that, I think those who voted for him and are not happy with his mantra should take it to court to have him removed. That would be an enlightening move for those who can’t stand him, wouldn’t it? Just to make sure we have it right of course.

    • MilesJSD
      11/08/2016 at 1:58 pm

      Looked through maude elwes’s ‘mandatory’ link: but found far too much comment to ever be read, let alone coolly deliberated.

      (On the other hand, the Lords of the Blog has if anything far too few contributors).

      But, maude,
      as not merely a British citizen but an “Earth citizen”
      I find myself not only without any credible and sustainworthy “rulers”
      but without any sustainworthily emulable “leaders”.

      One is also (Iam, that is) without any sustainworthy holistic health building organisation to belong to;

      and likewise without any credibly-sustainworthy and emulable “colleagues”, “neighbours”, and “advocates”.

      [So if I followed all the links –
      that you do ln fact so civilly-leaderfully provide –
      nevertheless I’ll be going on round and round
      in everlasting revolving doors;
      one and all kindly note].
      In the vital Worldwide-Warning documentaries
      ‘all life on Earth is under threat of extinction
      by our own imbalanced human-civilisation’ –

      notably in “How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth”
      {which alas! is ‘de-fact’ already ‘out-of-date’ –
      ignored by hedonisticly, individual-capitalismly, and ‘populismicly’ judgementalism as being ‘aging old-hat’ }

      but a propos ‘Civilisational-Survival’, we are advised:-
      (“) Keep in mind, that when the Titanic sank, the first class passengers went to the bottom just as quickly as the ‘Steerage'(“)
      (jsdm: – equally with the crew and the ‘cheap-passenger-majority’.

      Also, Sir David Attenborough advises [‘warns’]
      “… our human population is increasing by more than two people every second, 200,000 people every day …each additional person needs food, energy, water, shelter, and hopefully a whole lot more …”
      {jsdm: but hopefully not more booze, baccy, bloody-battlefields, bigotry, and big-headednesses).
      Yet I (jsdm) can find no up-front readily affordable, ‘egalitarian’, and free-to-the-worldwide public online, Sustainworthiness-Building-Organisation, Association, or Discussion Thread:

      certainly no face-to-face action-building local neighbourhood group exists.
      And as far as the “Brexit” Arena stands, we were yet
      neither individual-persons
      nor a Country
      sufficiently co-constructive
      to even help ourselves live within our Means
      and become an Established-Sustainworthy Nation;

      let alone to become internationally ready to help the Living-Earth at large
      up out of its imminent-destruction Predicament.
      So the bottom-line has to be
      “Only the small secret “survival-community” that owns the World’s Bunkers as well as the World’s Billions and Battle-Brigades,
      has any hope of “surviving”
      let alone of “thriving”.

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