Gaza “Charting a New Course”

Lord Hylton

This 30-page document, with full footnotes and references, comes from the Association of International Development Agencies, signed by 49 of their members, and dated 13.04.15.  It recalls how 60 nations met in Cairo in October 2014 and pledged $3.5 billions for reconstruction.  Of this sum only $524 millions has yet been released.  Qatar and Saudi Arabia have released approximately 10% of their pledges.  The Report set out feasible ways of meeting both humanitarian and security needs.

This is a real crisis and it is not getting better.


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  1. MilesJSD
    15/04/2015 at 8:01 pm

    Q1 How much of this Aid will be cooperatively-participatorily planned and executed under a ‘No Lose Methodology III’ ?

    Q2. How is the money to be tied to peaceful and sustainworthy-peace-building objectives ?
    and prevented from falling into terrorist or similar wrong or warlord-rebellious hands,
    and from being diverted, including by the dominant regime, into Arms Accumulation or other ‘righteous unilateral reactionism’?

  2. maude elwes
    18/04/2015 at 7:32 am

    @ Miles JSD:

    I feel it is wishful thinking on your part to expect peace building objectives are on the cards either globally or Europewise in our immediate future.

    Here is some information for you to peruse and take seriously. Our leaders, which are not as Farage believes Europeans, but, of other powers which are not part of Europe at all.

    I think the king this guy was speaking of was Herod rather than Pontious Pilate, as he was not a king and Roman to boot. But, who knows for sure.

    More food for thought here. And indeed deeply worrying thoughts for all of us.

    Finally, our own Guardian writer who appears to have his finger on the button of reality. Not something any of our newspapers feel like sending our way presently.

    • MilesJSD
      22/04/2015 at 12:06 am

      We appear to be losing both the Master-Overarching-Topic
      and this flaring-matchstick Arabs versus Israelis topic within it.

      Further factors then:
      1. When you talk of “our Leaders” you really need to be specifying both “Commanders” and “Exploiters/Manipulators”:
      for the simple definiens reason that
      Lifestyle-leadership needs to be transparently and accountably lived, outside of working-hours [say 40 per week], by those few whose lifestyle-&-budget is both longest-term sustainworthy and emulable by every-one of the ‘target’ followers.
      [We have none such;
      all of our “leaders” are “individually-capitalistic win-lose profiteers”
      even the hierarchies they top are scaled down through further multiple-livings-each
      [until at the bottom are imposed a “minimum wage” of little more than £200 pw;
      and a beneficent humanitarian “Govt-guaranteed minimum income of £145 per week for every legal resident in Britain”]

      but theirselves the “leaders” and their “middle classes” are drawing in excess of 2-human livings each from the Common Purse – which makes them each,
      and all as a Set or Class,
      (a) overwhelmingly deluded
      [they think that they are each more than one human being],
      (b) irresponsible
      [in that they find one-human-living insufficient to keep themselves healthy, citizenlike},
      and both life-blasphemous & treacherously-exploitative
      [in that they constitutionally consign their ‘inferiors’ to slave, get maimed, perish-insidiously, even wage bloody war, for relative mere pittances, in defence and support of such massive over-payments and additional bonuses including heavy handouts for Jobs Not Done and Purposes-Not-Achieved].
      2. USA as the ongoing World Power, ‘annexing’ Russia ?
      [methinks you’d be the wishful ‘dreamer’ there, maude ]
      Take a look at the breaking-news showing China’s almost insidious world-accretioning hand,
      now in the form of $US52 bn or so for a peaceful-development and trade “deal” with Pakistan,
      with China already building a long long trade-road between China and Pakistan partly also strategicly, to gain direct two-way communication with the Middle East, India, Africa,
      and probably Europe too –

      look how China swore worldwide-publicly to support only the Euro but not the $US;
      but evidently now has been gap-selling-down the Euro –
      [or is that rather “ballooning-up the $US ready to be “pricked into an utter collapse” ?]
      And isn’t the USA money-interest-alone, due to China by USA for USA’s money-borrowings from China, sufficient to support the whole of the Chinese Armed Forces ?
      So isn’t that ’empire-building’ $US52 towards Pakistan really “American money and property in the first place” ?
      What real ‘surthrival’ grounds can you present for calling the well-published ‘No Lose’ Cooperative Problem Solving methodology, which is both universities-taught and International Conflict Resolution Networks supported such as by Australia, “wishful thinking” ?

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