Unelectable party leaders.

Baroness Murphy

13518I like Ed Milliband, what’s not to like? He seems a kind enough good hearted chap with the sense to slide silently backwards away from the catastrophic union links which saw him elected as leader of the Labour party. OK, so he forgot to register his own children as his own, OK so he couldn’t quite get it together to marry his partner when any other ambitious politician might have thought ahead about this issue would play with the public but I have no doubt that he means well, is working hard and genuinely cares about political issues. But like Neil Kinnock before him and Michael Foot before that and even before that, George Brown (remember him?), Ed Milliband is unelectable as Prime Minister.  As an independent crossbencher I don’t like this. I want both main political parties to be lead by strong leaders with a clear vision about where the country should go, what policies would benefit the majority and inspire a following. They have to have a political vision.

History sadly tells us that though most politicians, in spite of the public perception of their back-stabbing qualities, will hang on to a duff leader long after it is plain as pikestaff to everyone else that they shouldn’t. The Conservatives are almost as bad but do manage a palace coup occasionally; Ian Duncan Smith springs to mind. But the history of Labour is disappointing: they will line up behind each other to swear fealty to him in public, they will plot ineffectually in secret corners but basically they will all follow him like lemmings over the electoral cliff. Because Ed is liked, includes his MPs in his plans, in fact has almost all the qualities that one wants in a good middle manager, there will be no Brutus come out of the shadows to finish this Caesar. Come on, fellow peers to my right….(the opposition sits to the right of where I sit on the crossbenches), can’t you help them down the corridor?

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  1. Croft
    07/11/2014 at 12:59 pm

    Not sure the peers who would like to help would do the chances any favours – as they are mostly Blairites – the party seems both emotionally and politically to be trying to dig up the party that was laid to rest in the 80s

    • MilesJSD
      21/11/2014 at 1:46 pm

      A Propos Labour’s ongoing ‘leadership’ divisions

      we should all be appreciative of an early world-statesmanlike move made by New Labour’ under Blair, which did at least one good-ish service to Civilisational-Governance worldwide,
      by legislating a ‘minimum human living’
      (a single weekly income sufficient to enable the legal-resident in Britain to maintain theirself healthy, citizenlike, and environmentally-supportive
      [‘though I’m not sure if that latter trilogy was the express raison-d’etre];
      which they got up to almost £150 pw and the Coalition quickly downed to £145.

      Thus Labour is divided between such past-successes
      and past-failures [such as G Brown “selling off our Gold cheap”, and so forth];

      but the which bad things
      in a real and de-factp sense
      neither Constitution, Monarchy, nor Parliaments, nor Peoples’-Petitions,
      could do a single bean thing about ensuring would not be allowed to happen.

      Pausing to find a basicly-clear public mind thought here: how about
      (1) Governance and Workplace ‘leaders’ are much more ‘commanders’ than exemplary-and-emulable leaders.
      (2) the latter emulable-lifestyle are needed for the 75% timeframed Lifeplace
      (3) the former ‘commanders/scouts/researchers/managers/supervisors/chargehands, for the (mere) 25% timeframed Workplace.

      There are surfeits of workplace “command”-leaders;

      but I have yet to find even one Lifeplace-leader that can show me, by ongoing personal-lifestyle example, how to make my £145 per week go further than I can make it stretch!

      {I give way …….
      If you please, try visiting not-for-profit http://www.lifefresh.co.uk
      for further current deep divisions and destructive-discriminations in British “leadership”.

  2. tizres
    07/11/2014 at 11:50 pm

    “Ed…has almost all the qualities that one wants in a good middle manager”

    Exquisite. Perhaps more Corday-esque than Brutus.

  3. Andy
    09/11/2014 at 6:35 am

    It is sometimes hard to let go, even of a bad leader.

    Even though this is off-topic, I will have to add this: The same applies also when letting go of a good career. I am really touched by how moved Rhodri Walters seems to be when introducing a member for the last time:


  4. maude elwes
    10/11/2014 at 6:50 am

    The great British disaster is, both these ‘leaders’ up for grabs are not fit to rule. The public can smell their insincerity. It comes across the same way the scent of the unfit for purpose always do, from a mile away.

    Miliband dithers, gurning incoherently whilst trying to put forward useless policies that he knows instinctively Labour followers are not buying. And it embarrasses him. They are not buying what he offers because he’s crawling around with phony Blairites who dictate how and what their party should represent. Which is more of the same. In other words a howling trail of the same crock the Tories are shoving down our throats. The American way.

    Anyone who would hire American scammers from the Obama brigade to try and convince British thinkers to suck on their lolly is more out of touch than could ever be imagined. Blair and his followers, which includes Cameron’s crew, are stooges of the USA. And the British public are not into masochism in quite the same way those yanks are. Look how they are flocking to elect yet another Bush creature. It’s laughable if it wasn’t so horribly sad for the world.

    The British, at very least, are looking elsewhere in the hope that someone will offer them an alternative. Toad Hall faced Farage and the Australian thick accent of the Greens appears to be more their taste than than either of our two present front men. And Alan Johnson, who gives a down home reminder of old Labour, with the superficial spiv Umuna in the wings, is an all time killer for the British voter. Oh, of course, W11 and Highgate will pretend anything they can bleat as progressive, and will forever play to media presenters differently, but they are as out of touch as any other sectioned inmate.

    It’s the policies stupid. Both sides are offering what we don’t want. And both sides are singing from that same hymn sheet, Austerity, in order to feed the billionaires who will cream off anything they feel we have left.

    War and playing the game of the cenotaph will not work today. And the very poignant heart moving scene of the London tower bleeding into the river of blood around it, is not sending the message you think it is. It’s an omen of destruction, not a remembrance of the glorious dead. The heart stops beating looking at it’s symbolism.

    We have no leader. Leaders have a vision they can express and claim loyalty to. Think Churchill, Kennedy and yes, even Hitler. And that message is for the betterment of the tribe not its imminent downfall. Globalism and the following of those who believe they are the masters of the universe is not one the Western population is willing to die for.

    So, unless those who live in the back rooms can come up with a good tag, and can find a theme that beats to the tune of the Western soul, for this is not just a British thing, can stand on their heads, it isn’t going to wash. And the two men they selected to sell it don’t come anywhere close to what it takes.

  5. maude elwes
    25/11/2014 at 10:15 am

    This article in the Telegraph backs up my previous post. People are not going to vote for cultural genocide, no matter which package you devise to persuade them.


    Recently, I had to sit through a Channel Four programme telling us all we were utterly disgusting in the 1970’s, That what they put our to all and sundry then could not be watched today without a stiff warning before every segment, as you may be so shocked and appalled by what Britain found amusing in that time of Heath and lights out, all those over fifty here should be lined up for showers.

    Yet, today, we are exposed to the most vile and violent programmes that would have forced my mother to march in the streets, calling for protection of the innocent. Child corruption is considered good for them now, sexually explicit and gratuitous put downs of women by persuading them that their natural instincts are no longer useful. To be worthwhile they must ‘walk like a man.’ And kick box, elbow and fight with knives to be a joy to behold in 2014. Then add a touch of horror that passes for regular and not a word of warning before the show gets off, let alone during every quarter. I’m beginning to believe that maybe I should vote for Farage. Someone has to come forward as an alternative to this politically correct feminism we are having to suffer ad infinitum today.

    Some female chump from Parliament was on television the other evening foaming at the mouth about a scientist who had the gall to wear a cartoon shirt, that offended her, because, the drawings were of 1950’s pin ups. Female pin ups of course. Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable, those terrible women who, in cartoon form, could turn the male into possible rapists. They were a put down. But not Lara Croft, she is to be heralded as the women to emulate. Yes, and they sold us the line that women in Parliament were going to make it more civilised. Give me a break.

    Perhaps we should ban Rubens and Botticelli from art museums as these ladies are portrayed as voluptuous, or, as Venus covering her genitals with a hand in modesty. Nothing could be more offensive than women used in that way to promote viewings at an art gallery, could it?

    I’m going to sign off as sickened from England.




    The offensive shirt. And this man felt he had to apologise for this.


    Those out there who are voting for Farage, and all those who are not, must consider shunning every politically correct candidate pushed into a safe seat by those believing you have no minds of your own. If you vote for anyone that is not this kind of shove in, then, we will eventually be free of this kind of crazy manipulation. Think about it. You cannot moan that you were forced to vote for someone you find inappropriate when all you have to do is pick another box with the face you prefer.

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