Stop this Futile Inquiry

Baroness Murphy

The Home Secretary must rue the day she ever accepted the idea of launching a public inquiry into historical sexual abuse in public life. Two formidably competent women lawyers have been hounded into resigning from chairing the Inquiry. She can appoint any number of others, there are always those around who relish such work but it will have to be someone with a low profile, probably a non-lawyer, and probably someone who will do what the victim organisations want. It will go on for years, it will not render a solution to the tragedy of the abused, nothing can now make it right and it will produce no solutions to a historical culture of ignorance and denial. Lord Macdonald of River Glaven the former Director of Public Prosecutions said succinctly on the Today programme yesterday “child abuse is very much like a cancer. We know it’s widespread, we know it has the most devastating effect on the victims. If you are going to put together an inquiry into this massive problem like a cancer then surely you would appoint a group of specialists who know something about the subject and will have the confidence of the people who are suffering.” But he then went on to suggest that  conducting an inquiry when we all know the outcome, which will discover there was a lot of it about, when attitudes were different, will almost certainly be futile. We need to establish clear processes now to ensure matters are taken more seriously in the future.

The remit of the Inquiry is too broad, covers too many public services and is unlikely to produce any recommendations beyond what we could all write now. The victims’ organisations did not like being referred to as a ‘community’ but they have formed an organisation, found themselves a leader who is making the campaign a’s a community alright. Public money will be poured into this McCarthy-like witch-hunt of the great and good, it will be entertaining for  the public and will almost certainly do nothing but harm. We should concentrate on the here and now and protect those at risk in the future.

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  1. maude elwes
    03/11/2014 at 11:12 am

    Baroness, futile enquiries are methods used by politicians to keep the eye of the public on drivel, rather than on the underhand games they are playing they want to be bypassed.

    This does not mean I am not aware of the distress so many felt on facing sexual or any other abuse, but, as you so rightly say, nothing will remove that horror from their experience. The damage has already been done. And octogenarians in prison for their sexual deviance in their prime is as ludicrous as incarcerating those who did Hitler’s bidding when he was in his heyday murdering all and sundry on any pretext. It was as you so cleverly put, of the times. The world and the human condition has moved on from that age.

    Concentrate on ending abuse today. Spend the money there and put the energy of the abused toward that cause, rather than the cause they are pursuing a course of personal financial ‘compensation’ which, disappointingly, only ends up in the coffers of the lawyers.

    However, those who are smart, will get out of the seats they hold in the place of privilege knowing their history will have them held up for burning at the stake if they don’t and thank their lucky stars they were born when they were and not today.

    What these people should be fighting for, is,

  2. maude elwes
    06/11/2014 at 7:58 am

    As a follow up to the above post of mine, this abuse strikes me as an ongoing and horrendous problem inside that big house you work in. There is never smoke without fire. So, although I don’t think delving into an event that may have taken place 40 or fifty years ago, this is another matter. Focus the energy on today and get to the root of this.

    And should files and documents be found to have been shredded and therefore destroyed, charge those who did this with trying to thwart the course of justice or whatever it’s called. because that is what it is. And it is a criminal act. Blairs minions and all those expenses cheats, their minions who destroyed the paperwork to hide the facts should thus be charged and a jail term for them.

    And then you wonder why we are demonstrating in the streets against the way we are being led.

  3. MilesJSD
    06/11/2014 at 7:07 pm

    As well as thoroughly identifying and containing the Abusers & their modes -of-operation,
    the Potential-victims field also needs to be identified and protected.

    “Public-life” becomes an oxymoron, since one suspects your meaning here to be ‘sexual abuse within the 25% Workplace context; as contrasted even conflicted with the true Peoples’ 75% Lifeplace.

    So to the ordinary mind this issue is a veritable cuckoo-in-the-nest , bleeding both the Peoples’ purse and their personal energies and life-spirits.

    It is indeed of blatantly questionable cost-effectiveness, both utilitarianly and participatory-democratically –
    as maude elwes has here, and in other submissions historically, shown
    with her usual far-reaching circumspection.

    Yes, a deliberately – confusing befuddlement of the public-mind
    as are other misnomers and disinformatives ,
    such as the National Illnesses & Hospitals Service
    long so unfortunately misnamed the National Health Service,
    wherein there has, in truth of facts-on-the-ground, never been
    a Health & Wellbeing building service , at least in the British Isles.

    And here an even further Legal red-herring slides us off-track,
    “Well, no other Nation has yet seen any necessity for, nor been able to afford, such a literal luxury as (let’s call it) an ‘Holistic Health Service’, so why should British taxpayers, & abused-children included herein, become the World’s Health Educator [as USA had been the World’s Policeman for so long] ? ” .

    In short, show us, The Peoples, the equidistantly-spaced concentric circles of this topic’s greater Topic, or governing central Overarchings and Underpinnings.

  4. maude elwes
    27/11/2014 at 9:45 am

    @Miles JSD:

    All over the net yesterday and today, is an oddly revealing story about our politicians, Blair, Mandelson, et al. Which, if true, will be a shocking eye opener indeed.

    The claim is, Parliament, in both houses, is filled with deviant beings who have infiltrated the entire system and that it has been covered up by conspirators for decades. Many of them females hiding behind a cloak of respectability. Hence the reason the files were shredded and the strange unwanted legislation we all rejected managed to crawl through into law regardless of objections.

    It’s all over the internet under many different headings, such as Charles Lynton fined in 1983, the opening story, but the biggest eye opener I saw was under, Tony Blair as Miranda by T Stokes on the Truth News.Info. If only a fraction of this persons revelations are true and the reality, everything we are confused about and find beyond our understanding finally falls into place.

    I found my way to it via comments in the Guardian, which, whatever is done to try, are not going to be easily silenced. Check it out and broaden your horizons. Much of this was stuff I had never heard of before.

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