Ukraine and Russia

Lord Soley

The crisis in Ukraine is largely overshadowed by the horrific events in the Middle East but we should not underestimate the long term danger of the clash between Russia and Ukraine. Both countries have a complex relationship going back many centuries but Russia’s recent activities are deeply disturbing and in my view, very dangerous. It is almost impossible to trust the words of the current Russian government. Mr Putin seems unable to break from his desire to restore the old Soviet power over neighbouring states. The danger is that he will seriously miscalculate and spark an even more serious conflict then the current one in Ukraine.
I wrote this short message for the Ukraine Digest which I understand will be published shortly:

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  1. maude elwes
    23/08/2014 at 2:14 pm

    @ Lord Soley:

    As the media in the West appears to have been directed to keep a lid on what is going on with regard to the very real Ukraine war and Russia’s connection to Europe, it’s not an easy situation to judge. However, according to this relatively recent interview with an ex CIA man, if one can select appropriately what is reality from propaganda on either side, I would say the Americans, with the EU/UK poodles tagging behind, have badly misjudged their position.

    The answer they appear to flog relentlessly, is they can have a small controlled nuclear thermal war in central Europe, and this will take the heat of the collapse of their dollar and financial system, and not affect them first hand. Meaning, it will not wipe out their cities and people only those in Europe. Wrong thinking.

    And the reality of gas needed from Russia? Unless the yanks and the EU believe they are simply going to relieve Putin of the supplies he’s selling, we in Europe will suffer the pain of total cut off. There are other markets for these products.

    The best move Europe could make right now, is to withdraw from NATO entirely and have the US as an every day traditional ally. The difficulty with the White House, and all who surround it, is the underlying resentment toward Europe, especially toward Germany and the UK. It is not resting dormant as you may believe. And they feel, just as in 1939/40 a war will assist their objectives. Whatever those objectives may be.

    I do hope, LS, you opened this thread with genuine desire for feedback and will not find the reasoning I offer in reply something to go to the ‘must not be allowed’ box.

  2. MilesJSD
    24/08/2014 at 8:00 am

    (1) ” …but we should not underestimate the long-term danger of the clash between —”
    Now let’s wait-on a while, while possibly Other or even Greater contexts are given a chance to ‘appear’: e.g.

    namely for the sustainworthily-healthy-lifesupports-adequacy of Human Civilisation(s) and of All Life on this Earth-1)
    adequacy that will last is right the way through not only to our Childrens’ successful space-emigration to another Lifesupportive Planet e.g. Earth-2, but last beyond that for the hopefully if not yet plannedfully euthanistic-final- expiration of those of [us] who remain ‘behind’on this Earth-1

    then perhaps this Putin problem is ‘peanuts’.

    (2) Hasn’t it long since been practically shadow-constitutionally established that it is impossible (“)to trust the words of the government(“) ?

    (3) Russia [Putin] has to be “making hay while the sun shines”, since Russia’s main internationally powerful and trade-able ‘asset’ is Oil-Gas-[“Energy”]
    and its militarily-vulnerable long pipelines to both East and West; the life-expectancy of which is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ how many years … possibly only months ?

  3. maude elwes
    27/08/2014 at 10:45 am

    And here we see in another newspaper article, the real reason behind the US move to take over this part of Europe. The bases, the income from those, and the additional power needed to wipe Russia off the face of the earth as it opposes the thinking we cannot abide. The attitudes the West want to press on the world that the people of the world will reject.

    There is no Russian threat in the sense they are selling.The threat comes from the West and its insistence on the need for warfare to keep the dollars circling. The cost of course, is the human life they appear to despise by signing the Agenda 21 contract.

    Could it be that it has been agreed among those who now lead us into some strange ravine, following what Blair and his coattailers signed up for, Agenda 21 is already working its way into our daily life?. That same nasty little contract that not only the Hawks of the West are glued to, but, the PC mumblers of the so called left, who hug it with a deep sense of might is right, as we witness today again in a newspaper article on how men will be jailed for calling their wife fat. That anti family agenda they are so keen on pushing down our throats.

    This is the Agenda 21 that very, very few of our citizens across Europe know anything about.

    If you add up our recent revelations in the news, from the call for euthanasia, the end of life care plan which an old friend of my mother refuses to sign up for, the removal of welfare benefits against the poor, perpetual warfare, importing a victim of Ebola into a filthy central London hospital, and on and on ad infinitum, then is this right, Agenda 21 is already well under way?

    Russia is not signing up to this is it? And so the US must rid itself of it and we, in our obvious ignorance, are going along with it.

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