Nigel Farage and Alex Salmond

Lord Soley

I have been struck by the way Alex Salmond and Nigel Farage have the same basic assumption in their arguments about independence. Thay both assume that in the modern world you automatically become more independent when you break away from an established and successful political and economic union. It is not born out by the facts. Independence is often in name only – with a large and powerful neighbour you can end up being more dependent than independent. Read the argument here:

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  1. maude elwes
    16/07/2014 at 5:01 pm

    @Lord Soley:

    This post of yours is a barely veiled threat to the rights of the Scots and to the British voter should they want free of being a patsy to the globalisation freaks they will pay highly by being financially slaughtered by our masters. Similar to the threat and war of finance against Russia. And I wonder where this threat is really coming from? Certainly not you as you have no power whatsoever. Therefore, you must be under the control of others. Now who are they and why are you afraid?

    Finally, the truth is coming out. Drip by drip and this has to be nothing but good. And why do I feel that, well at last we will be aware of who is taking us for a bunch of monkeys. Who the power behind this takeover of our lives really is, and what they expect to get from it.

    You sound like the mouthpiece of the Mafia. Do as you are told or there will be consequences. Now is the time above all times when the people should stick together and let the bastards kill us if they think they can, for freedom is worth dying for. Especially freedom from an unseen face. Losing their cool are they? Finally accepting they are on the way out?

    The power of those groups seeking freedom from this interminable squeeze, like Farage and Salmond, should be backed by those who can help us all, as those people and their families will also be caught in this steaming cauldron if they don’t break loose now.

    And I never thought for one minute I would back either Farage or Salmond, but, this post and other signs have told me they are more on the right button than I could have possibly have imagined.

    We only have to look at the laughable change in the ruling cabinet to know some alien force has its hands tightly round the throat of those at the top of our governing class. For no one in their right mind could have shoved this forward in the hopes of winning a 2015 general election. Reminds me of the choice they gave the US public when they put up Obama and Clinton to run as leader of the democratic party. Followed by the Republicans offering Palin and the old John McCain they knew could never win as they were so obviously unelectable. A fait accompli for the American citizen. It was a done deal behind closed doors. Horse trading for those all in it together.

    If the Scottish and the British voters fall for this line you put up here, then we are all finished, and deserve to be

  2. MilesJSD
    16/07/2014 at 6:54 pm

    The historical sequence of Development-achievements,
    for individual-persons as well as for Whole Nations of People,
    is held to be
    (1) Happiness;
    (2) Efficiency;
    (3) Responsibility;
    (4) Independence;
    (5) Freedom.

    like so many other media-&-politically spin-doctored words and phrases,
    is being wielded by opportunists as a honey-trap vote-catching ‘buzz-word’,

  3. MilesJSD
    23/07/2014 at 9:25 pm

    “Breaking away” is a ‘coin’ with another side namely
    “Being driven away”.

    I can’t list even all of the major factors here and now;
    yet only two cause me to feel “being extincted”:-

    1) The effectively out-of-control runaway amassing-of-fortunes by drawing many more than one-human-living from the Common Earth Environment and from the Common Civilisational Purse under some God-Given or Divine-Spirit ‘World-View’ and ‘Life-Purpose’.

    [If you had a herd of pigs,
    or even just a dog or cat
    with such a runaway voluminous appetite
    being an intelligently-economic and leadingly-democratised human,
    would have to have it put-down or sent to the butcher’s meat market,
    wouldn’t you ?
    – or your name would be ‘Mud’ wouldn’t it ?].

    2) Within the general Life Kingdoms on Earth,
    such as the Blackberries, Rabbits, Seagulls, and ‘Germs’-in general,
    the Natural ‘Survival-of-the-Fittest’ appears to be for The Establishment or Core-of-Elders to drive-out Young-Increases to fend for themselves in [assumedly] never-ending new-cornucopian-territories.

    {Yet instantially look at the Australian Sea-Locked Continent and see how totally unprepared both God and Evolution have been to have a place-prepared for European Blackberries, Gorse, Rabbits, Cane-Toads, and different Bacteria and Viruses that ‘normally’ would have remained safely ‘sea-locked’ back in Britain, South-America, or China;

    so even Evolution and Nature are clearly ‘blind-in-one-eye’ and allow extinction by non-strategic-preparedness and ‘the bringing-forth-of-increases’.
    What also ‘mindfully’ here and now and to the topic-point
    causes my flesh to creep
    is that in this self-assuring advanced-democracy nation,
    Lord Soley and MilesJSD
    appear to be the only ones at all concerned
    about the real Problem-Contexts within and behind
    this Democratic-Governance-Reach-Out-To-the-Public topic
    about the ‘Independence’
    [qua ‘Self-Sufficiency-ing’]
    of people-communities and the Nation of Scotland,
    ‘led’ by two of our very own chosen British Leaders Alex and Nigel
    [or could it be “Farage versus Salmond” ?

    • MilesJSD
      24/07/2014 at 10:57 am

      Whilst maude elwes is also up-front, showing more than simple concern too,
      I doubted her genuine “people” concern which looks too much like an argumentative ‘appeal to popularity’ –

      most of The People are also doubly-corrupted,
      and even ‘though this is by ‘stealth’ from “The Top” as maude so rightly proactively likens to The {Invisible & “Privatised”} Mafia,
      nevertheless ‘we’ are also drawing from The Earth and from the Common Purse much more each than one-human-living

      (1) corruptly because we would have ‘seen’ such inflation and delusion coming, had we not already been working-hard at painting ourselves into a [relatively-comfortable] Pseudo-Democratic Corner
      democratically and in terms of wasting-not-wanting-not The Earth’s Lifesupports
      (2) doubly corruptly
      because even ‘though the Remedies for our Pseudo-Democratic-Dupe-prone-ness are available to our individual hands at a mere personal pocket-money cost of little more than £10 (a one-off life-lasting capital investment at that)[*]

      and the Truth and Sufficient-Know-How Guidances about ‘Do-It-Yourself’
      personal Wellbeing-building and Wholistic Health Improvement,
      life-long practicable ‘alone’ no matter what the age you start at,
      are similarly easily available [**] .

      In old-fashioned words, “so there’s no excuse”
      [for you, and-or for those who “control” you or whom you control]
      to be avoiding or’foregoing’ really personal and wholesome individual life-improvement.
      ——————— {welcome, maude} ————

      [*] “Do They Think You’re Stupid”
      paperback by Professor of Reasoning Dr Baggini, is a good ‘reasoning’ starter.

      [**] “Meet Your Body” by Noah Karrasch;
      “The Body of Life” by Thomas Hanna;
      “Waking Up” {‘The Work of Charlotte Selver’ collected by Littlewood & Roche};
      are similarly ‘Lifelong investmemnts’.

      Substantially effective other such guidances are given on my voluntary not-for-profit website ;

      and some such have also been being published on this Lords of the Blog ‘people-participation’ e-site.
      Neither Scotland nor The United Kingdom is ever going to improve, or to ‘gain’, Independence
      without the greater majority of the People taking their individual wholistic-life-improvement into their own personal pair of hands;

      and because current AgeUK Legal Aid [Wolferstuns] advises that
      “there is no such legal entity as ‘Holistic Health’, nor ‘Wholistic Health Building’; so you’ll get no legal support for improving your Health”,

      you will need to be doing your wholistic-self-improvement
      quite “Independently”.

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