Cornwall wins £146m rail improvements

Lord Berkeley

These rail improvements (see DfT press release below) are really good news for Cornwall.

They are the result of Cornwall CC, the LEP with Network Rail and FGW and others sending a consistent and well-argued message to ministers and parliamentarians.

A lot of hard work went into this, including an exhibition in London of the sleeper mock-up attended by the Secretary of State for Transport and Baroness Kramer, and well produced publicity material.

It is the first stepping stone to allow the planned half hourly stopping service and hourly faster services on the main line through Cornwall, and for an enhanced sleeper service. More coaches will be required in the future, but there should be some spare from Scotrail when Scotland gets new sleeper coaches, and the depot in Penzance will create many job opportunities as well as safeguarding the services to that important town.

One day, we might even get the Monday morning sleeper from London arrive before the Scillonian departs, as happens on other days!

In all, a major achievement for Cornwall!

The Isles of Scilly could do the same, if all parties built on the statements in the IOSC press release after their meeting with Baroness Kramer on 26 June. ‘The Minister endorsed the approach of partners moving towards a better transport solution by focusing on three key themes: reliability, integration and cost of transport. The delegation made a strong case for continued departmental support on current projects and shared with the Minister that the community has asked to explore further options to reduce the cost of transport.’

FRIST must welcome this new approach recognising cost as one of three themes; the IOSC should now work inclusively with other parties to achieve the same successful result as has now been achieved in Cornwall.

tony Berkeley

DfT press release:

Subject: EMBARGOED UNTIL 00.01 THURSDAY 3 JULY – DfT Press Release: Major package of rail improvements for Cornwall

Major package of rail improvements for Cornwall

Cornwall will benefit from a multi-million pound package of rail improvements that will lift the local economy, create new jobs and provide faster train journeys, the Prime Minister announced today (Thursday 3 July).

The £146.6m deal has tourism at its core. Passengers travelling by sleeper train into the county will be able to start their holiday relaxing in newly refurbished carriages.

The deal will ensure:

* the interior of the Night Riviera Sleeper trains, which run between Penzance and London – one of only two sleeper services in the UK – will be completely overhauled;
* the Long Rock train maintenance site at Penzance will be expanded to maintain Cornwall’s sleeper trains, safeguarding jobs and creating new training opportunities; and
* a major programme of signalling improvements will start five years earlier than planned, providing faster journeys between Penzance and Totnes and paving the way for the potential introduction of half-hourly services on the Cornish mainline.

Prime Minister David Cameron said:

“Ensuring that we have first class infrastructure across Britain is a crucial part of our long-term economic plan to back business, create jobs and provide a brighter future for hardworking people. This investment, which will boost the local economy and improve connectivity, is great news for Cornwall, the South West and beyond.”

The package includes £9m of funding from the Department for Transport (DfT), £29.6m secured through Cornwall Council and the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), £103.5m from Network Rail and £4.5m from train operator First Great Western.

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said:

“Rail travel in Cornwall is growing rapidly, and investing in the rail network here is crucial to securing long-term economic growth. These improvements will safeguard and create jobs, improve services for millions of passengers and provide better access to the South West of England. This is great news for Cornwall and for the wider economy as a whole.”

Nearly seven million passengers use the rail network in Cornwall every year, with passenger numbers growing twice as fast as the national average.

Today’s funding comes off the back of real investment in the region. The Government has given local authorities in the South West more than £900m to spend on local transport during this parliament, with £130m being spent on improving the region’s roads this year, including the A303 and A30.

Bert Biscoe, Cornwall Council’s cabinet member for transportation, said:

“This announcement is great news for Cornwall. We have been working closely with the LEP and First Great Western to improve our rail services and are delighted that the Government is supporting our plans. This is a real opportunity to develop Cornwall’s public transport network. Enhancing the main line signalling in Cornwall is just as important as dualling the A30 and building the Tamar Bridge in keeping Cornwall connected.”

Chris Pomfret, chair of the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly LEP, said:

“Transport connectivity is always one of the first issues identified by the business community as a barrier to Cornwall’s economic growth. This investment makes a major step forward in addressing this issue through an enhanced sleeper service and potentially a more regular and resilient link to London and the rest of the country.

“Perhaps, just as importantly, is that this is a real demonstration of a council and LEP and the two relevant rail bodies and the Department for Transport working together to produce a solution that benefits all parties, but most particularly, the people of Cornwall.”

Patrick Hallgate, Network Rail’s Western route managing director, said:

“The South West has a vibrant economy which is experiencing staggering growth in demand for rail travel. That can only be supported by putting in the best possible connections to the rest of the country. Network Rail is proud to be playing a part in that success story.”

Mark Hopwood, First Great Western managing director, said:

“At First Great Western we have a great track record of working with local authority partners and the wider rail industry to deliver significant improvements of real economic value for the communities we serve.

“This package enhances the improvements already planned to the Night Riviera sleeper to a whole new level, providing top class accommodation and introducing a brasserie-style bar area.”

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2 comments for “Cornwall wins £146m rail improvements

  1. MilesJSD
    03/07/2014 at 3:11 pm

    Even worthy improvements, such as to Cornwall’s rail services, need to be longest-term-strategic scrutinised for all-round-cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

    These days one is wondering,
    and worryingly so,
    when or whether at least Strategic Economic Costs should give way
    to ‘Ecolo-nomic equations’, by factoring-in approximations and even ‘unknowables’,
    such as
    (1) What is the longest-term that our Humankind needs in order
    (a) to thrivingly-survive on this planet [Earth1] and
    (b) to ‘grow’ enough capability for our offspring to space-emigrate to an ‘Earth2′” ?
    (2) How many centuries will Earth1’s fuel-stocks last ?
    (3) What should be the “individual-humanbeing-sustainworthiness equation ?” [e.g. “Is the prevailing multiple-human-livings pay-pyramid both sustainworthy and sustainable, and for what timeframe ?”
    “How should we be sustainworthily equating individual human efficiency in the Lifeplace as opposed to that in the Workplace ?”].

  2. MilesJSD
    04/07/2014 at 10:02 am

    The Great Western Railway during WW2 carried essential war workers as well as some schoolchildren 6 days a week from Saltash to Plymouth; and nobly safe GWR always was.

    One morale stimulation from the Railway was the historical names on the big-engines;
    and another ‘education’ came as Science (Physics) explained the train-whistle’s glissando sound to be ‘the Doppler effect’ ;
    then augmented by the BBC with Johnny-Morris imitating those mightily-‘muscular’ and lifesupportive-machines thundering and clattering their way, ‘Doppler-musical-howlingly’ under bridges, into tunnels, and sometimes as a ‘triumph’ or ‘warning’.

    However, we could also espy, lumbering into Devon across the stalwart Brunel bridge, long goods-trains piled high with Cornish produce such as Broccoli;
    bound for London’s Covent Garden to be ‘economicly’ sold off;

    alas! much of it only to be trucked 250 miles all the way back for retail sale in the towns and villages between London and Penzance,

    “Economical” in those days meant “least wasteful and most useful”;
    so some of us ‘wondered’
    just how “economical” Economics really is –

    we mean, not just longest-term, but shortest-term, too (?)
    So whilst the £146 million for Cornwall’s rail-improvements certainly looks both ‘just’ and perhaps ‘just-in-time’, there remain darker-contexts behind it all needing strategic scrutiny.
    One can’t help ‘wondering’ too, that much of that £145 million may in effect be going to making life more luxuriously comfortable aboard for those few still able to “afford it”;
    notably for the major two-thirds part of the journey to Cornwall from London.

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