Debate on Iraq today!

Baroness Murphy

Further to my last…..Sorry everyone, my previous post related to an old copy of the “Forthcoming Business” list and not the one that appeared this lunchtime. Grovelling apologies, there will be a debate TODAY on Iraq. ” Baroness Warsi to move that this House takes note of the security and political situation in Iraq.” Not many speakers as the decision to have the debate was taken somewhat rapidly, no doubt in response to other disgruntled peers’ complaints but the participants are all worth hearing, experienced and usually thoughtful on foreign policy. My non-interventionist views remain.

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  1. 25/06/2014 at 9:12 pm

    Baroness Murphy,

    It is so rare to see a brave Anglo-Irishwoman grovel, so rare to see a Peer grovel, so rare to see a Medical Doctor grovel and so rare to see a blogger grovel. I think you may have made more history in this post than anyone else is likely to achieve online among the whole extended Lords of the Blog community.

  2. P.Selvaratnam
    26/06/2014 at 11:50 am

    Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Nigeria are splitting our heads and tearing our hearts.
    Open assaults.

    Assaults by structural violence: the army occupying the North of Sri Lanka gradually takes over most backbone economic activities and people are resorting more and more to suicides – letter(24.06.2014) from a Catholic priest as mainstream Colombo English media self-censure on news in the North(and the East).

    This is in a very peculiar country where a Minister of Justice(Rauf Hakeem) acts strangely:

    ”………..I conclude by quoting a statement by Rauf Hakeem: “Some of them who attacked us were said to be in uniform. That is a serious situation. It is an allegation at the moment, but it is disturbing. On Thursday, two persons who were shot at died at Welipitya, but the inquest and post-mortem are ridiculous. I can produce evidence of used bullets where the two were injured. I went to the spot. The bullets weren’t fired by civilians. However the autopsy report has indicated that the deaths were due to serious cut injuries. That is a preposterous situation if medical reports are being fabricated.” (Ceylon Today 24 June 2014) What on earth is going on? I have never before come across a thing like this is any country. This man is supposed to be a Cabinet Minister in the Rajapakse Government! Is he shameless or is there something that is hidden from all? Can this charade or this government last?” – Random Thoughts After Aluthgama, Kumar David (Emeritus Professor of Political Science), 25 June 2014,

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