The EU debate – Nigel versus Nick

Lord Soley

In my view Nick Clegg made a serious mistake debating with Nigel Farage. Clegg is the deputy Prime Minister who sold himself at the last election as a ‘new’ style politician. It worked then – it cannot work a second time. For Nigel Farage it was a golden opportunity for publicity and he used it. Nick Clegg was almost bound to lose – and the general view appears to be that he did lose.

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  1. 03/04/2014 at 1:24 am

    It was a massive win for Nigel Farage, several papers asked the question whether this debate was a good idea to include Nick Clegg (the Guardian amongst others). In my own blog lawlordtobe. I mentioned the fact that Nick Clegg was aiding Nigel Farage when he stated “that we can have all the good things in Europe, whist not being in Europe. It is a dangerous con“. It is, but that con is as i see it perpetrated by Big Business as they open up areas for cheap labour. This is seen in Australia where the Car industry is all leaving Australia for cheap Asian shores. In addition Philip Morris and others are packing up too. This is a fear that is visible, especially in the UK too. Nick Clegg did nothing to address these fears giving Nigel Farage additional ammunition to keep the viewers and listeners worried on any job security they thought they might have had.

  2. maude elwes
    03/04/2014 at 5:45 am

    Farage won hands down. He came across as straight as opposed to Clegg who was openly shifty. Imagine Clegg trying to tell the Brits that only 7% of legislation comes from the EU, when every day, without fail, the Daily Mail tells them 100% comes from that place so hated by all. (WWII still loud and clear is shoved daily in the face) And then to go on with how Farage suggest in a UKIP leaflet, we will all end up like the native Americans to be herded into reservations so the conquerors can run their country. Doesn’t he realise the British people feel that way right now. Hardly a soul any longer wants to go to London, it’s a different country, with, as they see it, very few indigenous people left. The flight from these violent and debilitating areas is depleting the energy of the British and that includes huge swathes of immigrants who hail from Europe.

    The first thing debaters from outside the UK say to me when I try to defend this country is, you no longer speak for the UK it’s nothing but foreigners there now, what do you know. So Clegg needs to do a little more personal research on what is really going on in this country he calls his own.

    However, where Farage is weak but clearly so is Clegg, is the touchy point of business backing. Neither really wanted to raise their connections to foreign big money, the USA and the Corporations behind the fiasco we presently live under. Clegg was clearly terrified of confrontation on any of this. Farage is sure of himself because he spends most of his time in the pub on the ground with those who hate what Britain has become, so it suited Farage down to the ground when Clegg raised 1950’s as long gone, never to return. That was the craziest of all areas for him to grope. As far as the British are concerned the only reason it can’t return is because the political will and the traitors within have no will to do so. They feel too many foreigners get priority treatment, the kind never experienced by them on any level. Which you only have to visit ‘Lords of the Blog’ web page to know they are not too far off the mark. So many of you avidly tied to what is happening in all countries but our own. You sniff them out with an accuracy not known to truffle pigs and then expect us to eat each line, then hand us a Roux style bill for the privilege of examining your whim.

    Clegg should never have broached Putin. What a mistake that was. How out of touch you are on that little scenario. And Farage knows it. Brits long for a traditional and powerful leader who is for the mother land, as Putin is for Russia, not constantly shoving the world as the place to be. Globalisation is a con and the British people know it. That notion is systematically removing all they had come to expect and loved about being a national of this country. Clegg couldn’t hit Nigel where his weaknesses lie because they are identical to his own. Both steeped in banking one way and another, as well as private education. The only difference being. Farage had a job, Clegg never did. They’re both married to Europeans so can’t go there. What can Clegg do to poke away at the cosy feel of the man who is his opponent? Not a lot.

    The trouble with this TV debate, from the political point of view is, Farage is speaking the language of the man in the street. And ‘they’ are the power that leads. He has taken what he knows is the emotional frustration of the country and is using his appeal to outsmart you all. And you deserve it because none of you know how to prod the Farage underbelly. LOL. He must be loving it and so are we.

  3. Honoris Causa
    03/04/2014 at 8:57 am

    I dont know about a mistake but election results are so unpredictable at the best of times,its very hard to know. It is about UK general elections vote garnering, and nothing to do with the whole EU. Why bother otherwise? And since Farage has all the EU info at his finger tips from his MEP job, yes a mistake.

    Dont the Libdems thesmelves say that they are not a “constituency” party, ie they do not have the permanent offices in the constituencies, but they do have the votes they can pull out at election time? Vince is pretty good at manipulating the media, and he may have thought this one out too, even thought out the disastrous losses at the local elections….. somehow!

    The Farage/Clegg discussion is surely about who is in with whom in a post election coalition?

    Is it possible that the number of Labour votes would recover sufficiently, (above the conservative numbers) to allow a smallish Libdem party to form a coalition with Labour, and provide a small working majority?
    In that case not performing well against Farage may be quite a useful thing, even in Clegg’s own opinion! I was very surprised that Gordon Brown’s (or someone) prediction for the coalition worked out almost as expected.
    Perhaps Maude has all the answers.

    Sorry I dont watch Tv any more.

  4. Gareth Howell
    03/04/2014 at 9:03 am

    Nigel Farage called the EEC “A political Union with an expansionist foreign policy“. That part has been seen in the Ukraine

    I enjoyed looking at Lawrence’s blog The above is just so blatantly false that i can not comprehend why anybody should bothering arguing about it, and yet Mr Farage does so. What a Squirt!

    • maude elwes
      03/04/2014 at 12:26 pm

      @GH and HC:

      I could not resist putting this link here in respect of the US-UK-EU expansionist experiment raised by GH. It shows the true motives for the dangerous events we see in the Ukraine. I’ve no choice really as, Honourus Causa, appears to feel ‘Maude is a know all.’ ROTFWL

      • Honoris Causa
        03/04/2014 at 6:12 pm

        I am not going to work out what complicated acronyms are from Maude, who is “Tired of London”.(Hardly a soul any longer wants to go to London, it’s a different country) Vibrant, multicultural, diverse, fascinating, lively!

        “Globalisation is a con and the British people know it”
        Like Imperialism in the 18thC? I see the point exactly. We live in one world now.

        As somebody rightly remarked about what Faragip have in common with Putin; it is Nationalism.

  5. tizres
    04/04/2014 at 1:36 pm

    Lord Soley, I half agree with you: Mr Clegg certainly sold himself.

    The whole thing has worked out rather well for Mr Cameron, not least in that he can show Mrs Merkel he wasn’t joking. As for the current Labour leader, it would be a brave decision for him not to offer the general public a referendum of one kind or another. Entirely consistent, though, with what One Nation means to him: 35% of the votes.

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