Unmanned Aircraft and their Weapons

Lord Hylton

On March 26th 2013, at column 959, I had asked about Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, and on 11th June the Ministry of Defence replied by letter.  The Minister stated that armed remotely piloted aircraft fall within the category of combat aircraft. They are therefore covered by the recently agreed Arms Trade Treaty.  This will only come into force when sufficient states have ratified it.

This is somewhat reassuring in view of the real danger of such weapon systems multiplying all around the world.

UAV’s come in all shapes and sizes. In this country they may invade personal privacy.  Their control and regulation is complicated since four or five separate government departments may be involved.  Big Brother Watch and Privacy International are therelevant NGOs.

2 comments for “Unmanned Aircraft and their Weapons

  1. maude elwes
    19/06/2013 at 12:30 pm

    A drones, by any other name, is still a drone. The horror of Hitler lives again. An ability to kill without the fear of battle. The war machine of modern globalization. How far the dogs of war have come.


  2. Frank W. Summers III
    01/07/2013 at 9:26 pm

    Wikipedia is a source so easily found one hesitates to provide it but this link may be of interest to some reading Lord Hylton’s post:

    In addition I am a bit of a man of the world myself and hear of things that cannot be verified. I hear rumours of intelligence agencies operating very good copies of birds which can operate in groups for days and provide camera and advanced signal surveillance of homes, estates and compounds. It is not so much that such things horrify me as it is that I prefer more of us realize what world we live in than do not.

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