Last Word on Privacy

Lord Haskel

This is my last word on privacy on the internet because the debate and discussion is now everywhere.  The EU Commission, 39 US Attorneys General, the press – even the Financial Times had an editorial about it – and in the bloggersphere.    

To retain our goodwill hopefully businesses will try to strike a sensible balance between power and responsibility.  Otherwise there will be a backlash and others will offer more acceptable conditions.  Governments will realise how important computer science education is and we will start getting good advice.  We will also become more alert as new ways are found to trespass on our private space.  Incidentally, I have also learned that our photos are vulnerable and so are our video conversations.

But none of this should make us deny ourselves the pleasures and usefulness of social networking.  Let it progress within the bounds we find acceptable.

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  1. pleasehelpus
    06/03/2012 at 9:28 am

    For the love of good, do not let the government any where near the internet..

    They really do not have a clue, and with respect, neither does any member of the house of lords that I am aware off.

    The internet is somewhere best left unregulated by government, and self regulation will keep it under control.

    Education on safety and pitfalls is what is required.

    And even that, is too much for the authorities themselves to handle.

    • Lord Haskel
      Lord Haskel
      08/03/2012 at 11:19 am

      Certainly education is required. Education on how to be safe on the internet regarding our private data. There also needs to be transparency. We need to know what businesses are doing with the information which we inevitably give when we are using the wonderful facilities the internet provides. If the regulations are not global then let’s be told which site respects the regulations of which country.

  2. MilesJSD
    07/03/2012 at 12:40 am

    The bloated billionare boss-bunch’s berserk destruction and extinction of our, and the whole Earth’s, Lifesupports,
    is not a
    matter any more.

    and proportionately all other overkillings,
    and majorly all giving-to and drawing-by one-human-being, of more than one-human-living, from the Common Purse or from The Environment,
    is very much a “Public”, and a criminal, Matter.

    Neither is the so called ‘Individually-Capitalist Economy’ any longer a
    “Private” Sector.
    The term “private and privacy” needs to be limited to the protection of the care and healing processes for, of, and by the Disadvantaged, the Sick, and the Dying.

    This assuredly should now be not just “the last word”
    but the “first word”.

  3. maude elwes
    08/03/2012 at 8:24 am

    Privacy is a matter the public should be taking in hand for themselves.

    The answer is to rfuse to answer inquiring busybodies of the State and its machines. Simply deny them entrance to your personal data.

    Take, for example, how the police are now demanding film from journalists taken when no crime is in progress. Simply so they can use it as a means of entrapment. The Stasi had nothing on this lot.

    Of course, you do realise this is another American import. We being joined at the hip to that brigade of ‘human rights’ evaders.

  4. maude elwes
    09/03/2012 at 11:42 am

    I woke up with this on the mind last night and I remembered I read somewhere the citizens of our country were being extradited to the US for trial there as their activity on the internet was classed as taking place on American soil.

    Take the Nat West Three. It was said that although they had not specifically been in the US whilst doing their transactions, they had sent email in respect of it via US carriers. Which meant it went through US jurisdiction. So that gave them ‘right’ to demand our people be sent to that country, which has huge difficulties in the understanding of justice, in order to face trial there. From a European or Human Rights point of view, this cannot be acceptable.

    Under that auspices, what has to be looked at is, should the people of the UK or Europe be using an internet provider considered to be within US boundaries? For another example, Richard O’Dwyer, was said to have directed individuals to other sites, not connected to him, but, as a result was claimed by the US, although he carried this little business out in his own bedroom here in the UK, to be doing it under their regulation. Even though his act was not a crime in this country. And then America making demands of our government to extradite this man to face charges there. And why are they alwasy sent to Texas, where the State laws are repugnant?

    If this is so, then all UK residents, as well as European residents, must be made aware, prior to usage, that they are no longer under protection of their countries laws. As to use Google, Yahoo, or any of these browsers who are based within US observation or jurisdiction, means you have left the country.

    The problem here is twofold, why have the Americans been allowed to assume this position, and why are the laws of usage not widely spread to the citizens here? That way they will have the right to protect themselves from this outright abuse of power.

    Alternatively, and quickly, internet providers must be set up that only work under the laws of our own, or, European control. So that no man or woman finds themselves subject to such persecution whilst they are in the dark and not aware of their rights.

    Further, does this mean any one of us, on this blog here, are subject to the laws of a foreign power, by being a participant of this blog through the use of US internet providers?

    Does this also mean, when the members of the House of Lords make a comment here, they too are subject to US intervention, should they say or write anything that the Americans deem unacceptable or against their laws of carrier use?

    This should be considered as an urgent matter of clarification to us all.

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