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  1. MilesJSD
    02/03/2012 at 10:55 pm

    Clearly none of the Parties to the Israel – Arab problems & conflict are succeeding in establishing either a peaceful-settlement process or the Method III Cooperative Problem Solving methodology;

    evidently also, neither is the UK using, and promoting, Method III;

    even more evidently, since Islam, Judaism, and Christianity believe in
    “one single, all-pwerful, all-knowing “God” (called “Allah” by Muslims) created this World out of nothing; made everything in the world, and gave living-things a special Blessing, and gave human life an additional blessing and amde humans in the image of Allah-God-Adonai;

    and since Abrahamic faiths, such as Islam, Judaism, and many Christian sects, believe that this One God gave Humans free-will to decide how they would live, and gave them a code of moral laws and commandments for life that would set a path for living a good and holy life;

    and since Abrahamic religions also believe that the “One-God” will eventually redeem the World from its sins and imperfections, and will usher in an age of universal peace even ‘though terrible wars may precede such messianic salvation;

    and since the three religions believe that “God” has worked, and continues to work, through the events of history, and has commanded people to do his will in the world;

    and that “God” has already revealed all the above to humanity, through prophets, and
    according to Christianity through a Messiah or saviour named Jesus (“Christ”), and through the sacred texts, of the Abrahamic religions, namely the Hebrew Bible (for Jews), the New Testament (for Christians), and the Qur’an (for Muslims);

    it is evident that this One-God also gave each religion power of life and death over each other, in the form of “differences” such as “The Trinity” for Christians which is rejected by both Judaism and Islam; and in the form of nuclear, chemical, biological and ‘economic’ weapons-of-mass-destruction;

    and since there is the real possibility, even strong-probability, that the “God-approved” terrible-wars between religions or other-human-organisations could quickly plunge the whole humnan world into a Final-Extinctional-War,

    (it is evident that) Allah, YHVH (“Adonai”),& God,
    are all failing to support the considered or greater-will, of the global-community of humans or of the “United Nations”, for “peaceful settlements” and for Method III Cooperative win-win-win Problem Solving & Conflict Resolution, and for suchlike co-constructive agreements,

    and are all in effect both allowing and supporting co-destructive outcomes.
    The above particular reference material is from ISBN 978-0-7645-5264-9.
    (There is more, of course).

  2. maude elwes
    05/03/2012 at 11:41 am

    What I find so intriguing in all this is, there is no realisation amongst the people in general, that those at the nub of this swelling desire to bomb nations who question the ‘right’ of Israel to exist, is valid. Or, whether there was any ‘right’ at all to move into and colonize another country, under the auspices of ‘God’ gave this land to the Jews, and if that was questionable. As God gave this part of the world to the chosen people, it is said, it has to stand today…. Oh, does it?

    As Christianity is attacked from every angle these days, and therefore, the attack must be aimed at Judaism as well, because the two are one, then we have to ask, ‘who gave Israel’ the ‘right’ to take this part of the world in the first place. The answer is always, God, it is written in the Torah.

    You cannot have ‘Divine’ right when the Western world tells us there is no ‘God’ who could have bestowed this right.

    And if you are going to come back with, but we didn’t say there is no God, then you have to question, how you become selective on the demands made by this same God that you no longer wish to adhere to. Quite clearly, in all the Middle Eastern religions homosexuality is considered a sin in the eyes of the Lord. And to practice it, is sinful and against God’s law. As well as to promote it and decree it by giving it God’s blessing, as in marriage.

    You cannot have it both ways, either ‘God’ rules or he doesn’t. It cannot be, he only rules when we want him to do so. So this then opens up a whole new question. Are the Americans, the Israelis and the West, in general, using religion to promote their desire to war, by saying they have the ‘Divine’ right to do so, as God gave them this right in his teaching four thousand years ago?

    That makes the reality here, that the West are using religion to promote their Imperialist motives. If this was not so, they would all be asking whether this colonisation of Palestine was indeed any more vailid than the story of Sodom and Gommorah.

  3. Frank W. Summers III
    06/03/2012 at 12:41 am

    I will never be happy while the Arabs are coddled in endless lies by self-righteous blowhards around the world. While a system of hypocrisy so extreme as to be hallucinatory is extolled and while I have to live with the filth of accommodation of this whole endless moral horror. But that is just me. The real question is about which new amendment or resolution to discuss.

  4. MilesJSD
    06/03/2012 at 5:09 am

    The nation of Israel
    i.e. by definition The People
    has existed since many centuries BCE;

    but this People were driven out of their Land and thereby out of their Nation-State structure by the hugely greater numbers and surrounding land-masses occupied by Arabs;

    thereafter Israelites could only survive by becoming cooperatively-subject to other Nation-States, literally far-flung scattered around the world, with no Land nor governing State of their own.

    Their contractual lives being no longer of their own making but dictated top-down by the foreign state they happened to find themselves within and subject to, these Israelites (Jews) nevertheless kept their humanity and culture alive by vows and acts of “covenantal charity” –

    note, these Israelites are the only modern-world human race ever to have thus survived and supported their “Godly” culture, morals and conduct, ‘co-peacefully’ with other Peoples and Religions.

    At the close of the Nazi WW2 genocidal war, the new United Nations thought it both just and wise to grant this People a small parcel of land that, just as is the land under the feet of all other nations around the world, could be “their very own” and be Nation-State-worthy.
    Note also, that even ‘though a better Methodology than mere “peaceful coexistence” has been available, and can be quickly learned and ‘self-taught’ by any individual or group of cooperative-minded people including children and other disadvantageds, it has never been allowed to “exist”, (either).

    This effectively cripples all voices and the minds that own them, not only making it impossible to co-construct ‘win-win-win’ and NB also ‘sustain-worthy’ outcomes,
    but confining the whole human-communication world to a clamouring Tower of Babel.
    Now Maude’s ‘intuition’ seems to be clear (and ‘true’ despite some non-sequitur emotionalism);

    yet (for instance) she appears to be being swept off her feet by the ‘Arab-Cause’, and inferably is ‘condemning’ the Israeli People as the illegitimate, guilty, and inhumane Aggressors, in the whole of the Middle East and thereby threatening to plunge all the peaceful-rest-of-us into a globally-life-extincting-conflagrational-‘third-world-war’;

    Maude tells us that it is the One-and-the-same-God Jews and Christians who are the causative aggressors and Warmongers,
    but she totally leaves-out the fact that the Arab ‘God’ (Allah) is the same ‘One-God-in-Common’ as that of the Jews and of the Christians
    (all three are Abrahamic religions, and such is taught in British schools for GCSE and in universities for degrees in Religion and Theology, today);

    Maude nonetheless implies that it is this One-Common-God that is the ‘Culprit’,

    but does not give us a possible ‘remedy’.

    This One-God is evidently either supportive even creative of such aggressions and warmongerings,
    or is laid-back somewhere, complacently permissive towards humans creating such Destructivisms;

    whilst “He Himself” continuously ‘abstains’ from peace-building and from such constructivity as the friendly Method III Needs & Hows Recognition and win-win-win sustain-worthy cooperative problem solving methodology;

    (I need to take a breather)

    so where are all the other really essential facts ?

    Are you, a reader, ‘sitting-upon’ some essential factor hereto ?

    • maude elwes
      06/03/2012 at 2:31 pm


      I don’t think you have fully followed my gist here. I back neither side. I am neither for or against Israel, Palestine or the West. I am against slaughter, torture and injustice.

      Although my sympathies for the people of Gaza are in the forefront, this was not a post for or against their plight.

      It is drawing attention to the use of religion when it suits governments and denial of it when it doesn’t. It suits the West, along with Israel, to state their right to this land called Israel, as it is said to be written, in a history book called the Torah. That ‘God’ gave this land to them via Moses. (And for the time being we will close our eyes to the way it was retaken in the twentieth century through slaughter of the natives in situ)

      In other words, governments, and I assume the UN, want to have their cake and eat it. As they believe the men and women they rule are idiots who cannot see their duplicity, as well as their use of us all as pawns in the annihilation of those they wish to highlight on any specific day.

      The same way the criminal Goldstein was used in Orwell’s book. To centre the psyche of man on a scapegoat.

      Yet, when it comes to that same ‘God’ whom it is claimed, gave Moses the ‘right’ to Israel, they don’t feel that same ‘God’ is right in this book called, the Torah or the Bible or the Koran, when he tells these historians that homosexuality is sinful and unhealthy and should not be practiced if you are of his faiths. And he highlights the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah to make his point.

      So, in doing this, governments are the epithany of hypocrisy. As I wrote above, ‘God’ rules, except when it doesn’t suit my ambitions, is their thinking.

      And now, after all these years of using this book of religious teaching, from cradle to grave, they decide that God got it wrong and we, under threat of criminality must accept, without question, the teachings in those books are ‘evil’ for homosexuality is not only safe, but appropriate in practice, as to now be rated with marriage between Adam and Eve and blessed in a house of these religions, under duress.

      However, at the same time as they push this on the converted people, they continue to flog the horse of Israel as a right to them bestowed by this ‘God’ of Abraham.

      Now does that sound like a severe case of schizophrenia to you? Because it does to me.

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