Trouble in the Lords

Lord Soley

Last nights debate underlines my concerns about the governments proposal to arbitrarily reduce the number of MP’s without cross Party support and without reducing the number of Ministers. The following link will take you to Lord Strathclyde’s speech saying the government are not prepared to commit to a reduction of Ministers – so the power of the Executive is increased.

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  1. Carl.H
    27/01/2011 at 11:06 am

    Lord Norton of Louth
    Conservative Peer

    He has been described in The House Magazine – the journal of both Houses of Parliament – as ‘our greatest living expert on Parliament’

    “My argument was that reducing the number of MPs did not create a problem but rather exacerbated a problem. There are already too many ministers. The so-called payroll vote in the House, including parliamentary private secretaries (PPSs), constitutes too great a proportion of the Commons. In 1950 it was 15%. Today it is 21%. That will increase with the passage of this Bill. The greater the number of ministers in the Commons, the less the capacity of the House to call it to account.”

    Now pardon me if I’m wrong but isn`t the Lords a place of expertise, where evidence from the knowledgeable is listened to with great intent ?

    This, to my thinking, shows the intent of Government to setup a system where they have complete command, where the very few can dictate without being held to account.

  2. Twm O'r Nant
    31/01/2011 at 10:33 am

    There are so many greatest living experts on parliament that the comment is really not worth making.

    I have a preference for the noble Lord Anderson’s opinions, who has profound knowledge, and on International law too, which is a bonus. Not vain about it either!

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