Lords correspondence 3: piling in to help

Lord Lucas

Sometime something I have said in the Lords triggers a response from people wanting to join the battle – on my side or against. This is immensely helpful – as we have no researchers, it’s of great assistance to have one’s understanding, and determination, boosted like this:

Dear Lord Lucas,
As you have spoken out against the practices of ACS:Law solicitors in the House previously, I thought I should bring to your attention a further round of aggressive mailing from the company, again alleging copyright infringement and ‘offering’ to settle for various sums: in my case £495. Again, no details of how the ‘evidence’ was gathered or by whom. I would urge you to use your standing and influence to afford publicity to this matter, and seek an end to this ‘Legal Blackmail’

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  1. Carl.H
    12/07/2010 at 12:00 pm

    It`s like the wild west all over again this internet isn`t it !

    Like ACS there are a number of Companies that use unscrupulous methods quite legally to fleece people on the internet. Fake anti-virus is something I come across almost daily, quite legal apparently.

    You go to a web page and this so called anti-virus loads on your machine telling you that hundreds of viruses exist on your machine. It will pop up continuosly and your machine will become unuseable unless you pay them for their ” Anti-Virus Application” (Antivirus 7 or Live is the latest). Of course the only malware on your machine most of the time is the so called antivirus.

    In the USA these companies are chased rigourously by the law and prosecuted but here ???????

    Where are and who are the internet authorities to protect business and people in the UK ? I know the Authority that protects copyright on the internet, that wants to criminalise our young. Perhaps if these people were not paying me to rid their machines of fake anti-virus they could afford to buy legitimate music ?

    Where is the authority to stop young kids being the victims of intimidation and bullying on Facebook and other so called “social” networking sites ?

    Your complaining of ACS yet isn`t the DEB going to do similar ?

    Didn`t Nick Clegg state clearly this legislation needs repealing ?

    If people are to be threatened with law they have a right to have the evidence tested in a court of law.

    Just today we have Martha Lane Fox stating everyone should be online by 2012 stating it was essential and that some services, even Government ones would only be available online.

    David Cameron backed the campaign, saying that “digital inclusion is essential for a modern dynamic economy”.

    And yet the DEB will go out of it`s way to disconnect people from the internet….Clear Government thinking..NOT.

    Copyright law states that importation of items to thwart copyright is illegal…How many Sony CD writers and DVD-R`s have Sony imported ? Yes they can be used for other things that are legal but the main of their business is copying music and film. Sony is one of the pushers of the DEB.

    Repeal the DEB !

    • 12/07/2010 at 4:50 pm

      Bravo! Carl H;
      and thank you for the cogently quick ‘pan’ of evidence and clues many of us have not yet seen.

  2. Dave H
    14/07/2010 at 12:55 pm

    There are many things about which I could write, both to my MP and to peers, but invariably it is only the one or two that reach a threshold that actually tip me over the edge to write something rational and researched that is worth my time to compose and your time to read. The CSF Bill managed it, but it took up a lot of time that I have now reclaimed.

    I’m not happy about the DE Bill either and, along with the other Bills from the last session of Parliament that were rushed through, it should be thoroughly reviewed, while putting into place mechanisms to prevent a recurrence of the digraceful events of April. However, it hasn’t tripped my threshold, which is why I have not researched or written.

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