Podcast: Beyond the Chamber

Lord Norton

Parliament has started producing podcasts as part of its programme of utilising new media to explain what it does.  It has produced one on how MPs and peers go about their work away from their respective chambers.   Though the media focus is on the chamber, most time of parliamentarians is taken up with committees, correspondence, meeting with other members and representatives of outside bodies, and – in the case of MPs – spending time in their constituencies.

The podcast includes interviews with two MPs and two peers – I declare an interest as one of them (Lord Dholakia is the other) – and lasts for thirteen minutes.  Apart from being downloaded, it can be listened to on a PC.  For anyone interested, it can be accessed at:


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  1. hifranc
    15/08/2008 at 6:09 pm

    Thank you for that link. I’ve now subscribed so that I get future podcasts as well.

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