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Tuition fees vote in the Lords


So that was that.  After suffering a massive defeat on the Public Bodies Bill at 5pm (by 122), the Government comfortably won the vote on pushing through their tuition fee policy. As in the Commons the Tories couldn’t have done it without the Libdems, and the public are right to feel some anger at them…

Excellent plans for higher education

Baroness Murphy

Rarely have I felt more positive about a proposed piece of legislation than the higher education provisions that we are about to vote on tomorrow. The progressive Browne plan for free student education, with the Government, not families, paying up front  a more realistic tuition fee to individual universities is a vast improvement on the…

Lords voting on tuition fees


Thursday was the most alarming day I’ve spent in Westminster.  More so than the march against the Iraq war or the Countryside Alliance protest, the atmosphere was intimidating.  It felt safer to stay put in the Palace of Westminster, and some Parliamentarians had problems getting in to do their jobs (see Clive Soley’s blog).  Like…