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Baroness Perry

Baroness Perry

I have just had the most amazing visit to South Africa, seeing over 10 schools, including St Mark’s College in Limpop Province, of which I am proud to be Patron. The good work done by the school in providing opportunities for young people from the surrounding villages is inspiring. I also saw a tremendous project…

Out of Africa

Baroness Deech

I am spending the new year break in Cape Town.  I have a deep interest in and affection for South Africa, having been a trustee of the Rhodes Scholarships and of the Mandela-Rhodes Foundation.  The Rhodes Scholarships bring American, S. African and other commonwealth graduates to Oxford – but the Mandela-Rhodes Foundation returns some of…

Creating a second chamber

Lord Norton

I have spent the past few days in Switzerland advising members of the Iraqi Constitutional Review Committee on the establishment of a second chamber.  Agreement has been reached on creating a second chamber. The committee has responsibility for recommending the form it take. My role has essentially been twofold.  One has been to explain the…