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Wales Bill: an opportunity to strengthen Welsh democracy

Lord Roberts

Much of the current spotlight on the UK Parliament is focussed on the Scottish devolution proposals, which were debated fiercely in the Commons, yesterday. This has spearheaded a much needed public discussion about devolution and I welcome these new opportunities. However, as well as being an important issue for Scotland, these debates are equally vital for…

Are we falling behind?


This last week I have spent away from the Lords in the USA, first at a global education conference at Stanford University and then in Tennessee seeing how education innovation is rolling out on the ground. It was an inspiring week that reinforced my view that English education is in real danger of being left…

Education Maintenance Allowance

Lord Soley

The Education Maintenance Allowance came up yesterday. The contracting company has been having difficulty delivering at an acceptable standard so it deserves some Parliamentary scrutiny. The EMA however has been remarkably helpful to many youngsters keeping them in eduction. This is particularly important at a time when unemployment is rising. Skills and educational level do…