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Age Analysis

Lord Tyler

Hot news!   I have just had a reply from the indefatigable House of Lords Library team giving me the most recent breakdown of Peer’s ages.   There are just 2 under the age of 40 and 29 over the age of 90, though by my count 12 of the latter are amongst those who have “taken…

Full House

Baroness Deech

I am glad that Baroness Murphy has taken on the issue of reducing the numbers sitting in the Lords.  I have already made a submission to the committee reviewing this, and, like her, have great respect for Lord Hunt.  He has worked in my own field, regulation of lawyers, and produced a very sensible report…

Leaving the Lords permanently

Baroness Murphy

No, not me, well not yet… Lady Deech mentioned the rumours that are flying around in one of her blogs so I thought I’d keep you up to date about what’s happening. During a debate on reform of the House of Lords, on Tuesday 29 June, Lord Strathclyde announced he would be setting up a…