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The UK is still in railway wrecking mode!

Lord Berkeley

Rail monopoly news – 27April 2016  Message to European Transport Council – Why follow the UK to wreck parts of the 4th Railway Package Message to the European Parliament – Don’t validate the Technical pillar yet!  The UK Government is putting the 4th Railway Package at risk by digging its heels in with France (and…

Why break up Network Rail just for shareholder profit of train operators?

Lord Berkeley

The UK Rail Delivery Group minutes of a November meeting (Guardian 1 February) to discuss the future structure of the railways suggests that one option was to remove routes from Network Rail control, and privatise them in a manner similar to the privatised utilities. Some at the RDG favoured a full breakup, arguing that Network…

Stop knocking rail – improvements and investment should have started 30 years ago!

Lord Berkeley

Ministers are being bombarded on all sides by irate politicians worried about the performance of the passenger railway in their constituencies.   From those Tories in the constituencies south of London stretching to the sea, the performance of the trains has been heavily criticised; ’trains are always late, we can never get a seat, they close…