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‘Leave No One Behind’ – Act in 2015

Lord McConnell CAR Photo

  Today is a big day in a big year. In 2015 the UN will celebrate the significant if incomplete success of the Millennium Development Goals and agree a new set of goals – the Sustainable Development Goals – as the engine for development over the next fifteen years.  And today action2015 has been launched around the world to mobilise groups…

People and Parliament: an update

Hansard Society

As Chairman of the Lords Information Committee, I want to tell you how we have got on in our Inquiry on “How can we improve the relations between Parliament and the Public?”. Obviously, this is now a sixty-four dollar question. Since we started in March we’ve received many many comments from people. We’re now having…

Guest blog: People and Parliament

Guest Contributor

When does a Blogger, talking about himself, turn into an Inquisitor asking lots of questions?  That is what I want to become. The Lords Information Committee, of which I am the proud chairman, is starting an inquiry this week in which we want to find out your thoughts about Parliament in general and the House…