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“It is time to do things differently”

Lord McConnell

              Our event this week in Bujumbura (introduced in my previous blog) is split into two parts. Special UN Envoy Mary Robinson’s consultation and mobilisation in support of the Framework of Hope will be followed by a Great Lakes Regional Conference on United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 –…

Face to face with the Bishop and the General

Lord McConnell

Listening diplomatically while asking tough questions that must be answered is never easy. So, confronting Congolese rebels with accusations of recent sexual violence during a dialogue about long term solutions and peace was a test for me on Saturday. But the opportunity to hear up close the grievances of some of the M23 rebels, and…

My Report on a Recent International Peace-Builders’ meeting in Westminster

Lord Hylton

As Western governments try to extricate themselves from costly wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and UN peacekeepers face global condemnation for failing to avert mass rapes in the Congo, the question of how to resolve conflicts overseas is increasingly urgent. This is being addressed at the highest levels.  Foreign Secretary William Hague, speaking last month…