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Recording abstentions

Lord Norton

When a vote is held in the Lords, there is no means of recording abstentions.  It is far from uncommon for peers who disagree with their own side to absent themselves from a division.  However, when a peer’s name does not appear in the division list,  it is usually impossible to know whether that peer is unavoidably…

An axe to the Public Bodies Bill?


It is tempting to blog on how the conventions in the Companion are being ripped up by the Government by not allowing time between the committee and report stages of the Parliamentary Bill.  But I suspect interest in that legislative marathon is waning. As we wait and see whether a credible deal will be done…

Myth making

Lord Norton

The extended debate on, and attempts to delay, the Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Bill have derived from some misunderstandings.  One, variously expressed over the past few weeks, is that peers have to utilise the power of delay because the coalition now enjoys an effective majority in the House.  However, it doesn’t.  Up to the Christmas…

Peace in our time?


A most welcome statement from Lord Strathclyde an hour ago means we now know that the mammoth committee stage will be concluded on Thursday without more late nights.  It seems like some sort of deal has been done.  All will be revealed in Government amendments that we’ll debate next week.  Sanity. At last.

Trouble in the Lords

Lord Soley

Last nights debate underlines my concerns about the governments proposal to arbitrarily reduce the number of MP’s without cross Party support and without reducing the number of Ministers. The following link will take you to Lord Strathclyde’s speech saying the government are not prepared to commit to a reduction of Ministers – so the power…