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Parliament should now focus the rest of this session on the economic and social crises


The recall of Parliament today went better than I expected. In the Lords I think the questions on public disorder were measured and appropriate, and the tone continued that set in the Commons by David Cameron and Ed Miliband in avoiding political rancour. Today was the day for standing shoulder to shoulder against criminality, for…

Lords and Commons out of sync


This week sees the beginning of the long summer recess for both the Lords and Commons, but with the Lords working an extra day. This ought not be remarkable as long as events are proceeding in a normal way. But they are not. The Commons finish on Tuesday. For a small group of backbenchers who…

Parliament at work

Lord Norton

Both Houses have managed to sit this week, despite the dreadful weather conditions.   On Monday, courts did not sit, buses in London did not run, and many schools closed, but Parliament met.  My picture shows Victoria Tower Gardens early on Wednesday morning, when conditions were still pretty bad.   A determination to sit is a feature…