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Lords and Commons out of sync


This week sees the beginning of the long summer recess for both the Lords and Commons, but with the Lords working an extra day. This ought not be remarkable as long as events are proceeding in a normal way. But they are not. The Commons finish on Tuesday. For a small group of backbenchers who…

Back to work

Baroness Murphy

I’ve been following the blog during recess but have been too preoccupied with family matters to add my own. But things in the Murphy/Robb household are getting back to normal so I must get back to the blog. All kinds of matters happened during recess which during term would have led to endless debates, questions and probing in…

Parliament sidelined

Lord Norton

The events of recent days, with world financial turmoil, have rather borne out my earlier observations about the consequences of a long parliamentary recess.  The US Congress has been at the centre of attention.  Here, the Government has been able to act under legislation enacted earlier this year.  Had that not been in place, then…