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Questions on consultation

Lord Norton

In response to my earlier post on improving communications, Mike asked if I would reproduce the Questions that I have tabled on Government consultation exercises.  They were published today:  Tabled on 12 November and due for answer by 26 November. Lord Norton of Louth to ask Her Majesty’s Government why the Cabinet Office removed its webpage listing…

Problems of the long recess

Lord Norton

I have already commented on the fact that the long recess has meant that MPs and peers have not been able to question ministers on events in Georgia.  Had Parliament been sitting since the end of July, we would have had statements on a range of issues, including the economy, events in Georgia, world trade talks,…

PQ's Lords of the Blog

Lord Soley

Follow this link to read the exchange on proposals in the Lords to improve public knowledge of the work of the Lords. http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/ld200708/ldhansrd/text/80501-0001.htm#08050183000008 Viscount Tenby http://biographies.parliament.uk/parliament/default.asp?id=26817 turned out to be a keen supporter so I will urge him to sign up. There was good support for the Speaker’s attempts to open up the Lords and…