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Libya and the Middle East

Lord Soley

  It is a humbling experience to watch the incredible bravery of the Libyan people and the cool headed approach of so many Arabs in the current upheavals throughout the region. None of us can be sure how this will end but I am personally very encouraged and more inclined to optimism than pessimism. For years…

The Middle East

Lord Soley

There are some deeply worrying reports coming from the Palestine/Israel talks in the US. Simon Tisdall writing in the Guardian today (Tuesday 5th October) suggests the talks are likely to end in failure. http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/cifamerica/2010/oct/04/israel-palestine-peace-collapse It is getting hard to see how we can maintain even a semblance of peace in the region especially as other…

Palestine and Israel

Lord Soley

The terrible tragedy that continues to play out in the Middle East must serve as a reminder of the importance of getting this problem resolved. People often say that there is no solution  but people use to say that about Northern Ireland. It is the job of politicians to address apparently insoluble problems. It may…