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Guest blog: The Lord Speaker

Guest Contributor

Given my enthusiastic support for the Lords of the Blog project, when it was suggested by one of the users of the site that I should explain more about my role, I was very happy to respond – specially since this is a “guest spot”, which means I don’t have to show the same impressive…

Wanstead High

Lord Norton

Another school visit this afternoon. I spoke to Year 12 students studying Politics at Wanstead High School (pictured) in North-East London. One of the questions I was asked was ‘Do you enjoy working in the Lords and would you stand for election if it was to be elected?’ The answer was yes and no. Peers…

Parliamentary outreach

Lord Norton

Recognising that the House of Lords does not get a great deal of media coverage, and as such its work is not well known to the public, the Lord Speaker, Baroness Hayman, has initiated an outreach programme to schools and other institutions. Given that she cannot accept all the invitations she receives, other members of…