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Myanmar’s Youth Stars

Lord McConnell Myanmar Youth Stars

      Chan Chan is 20 years old.¬† 12 years ago, living with her family in northern Myanmar (Burma) she was diagnosed with HIV. As a child she had visited her local health clinic and an unclean needle changed her life forever. She moved away from the family at 10 to Yangon to be…

Neighbourhood Watch, ASEAN Style

Lord McConnell

      The people of South East Asia are among the most friendly, tolerant and hard working people in the world. Yet, this region has been plagued with conflicts for decades.¬†Exploited by European powers, occupied by Japan, carpet-bombed by the USA and led by hideous dictators, most of the region has suffered too much…

Myanmar and the rule of law

Lord Soley

I had a useful meeting with the Ambassador of Myanmar last week. He and his deputy were interested in the rule of law project I have established in Abu Dhabi and Palestine. This regime is now keen to change and have entered into meaningful discussions with Aung San Suu Kyi. So I am looking at…