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‘No gifts, no freebies, no cheating’

Lord McConnell

      £1 doesn’t cover a morning coffee in the café next to my office, but across the world around one billion people live on just £1 a day for all their living costs. The Global Poverty Project has been working hard for the last four years to challenge this unacceptable state of affairs…

A story of Faith

Lord McConnell

Faith Shongwe is from Swaziland. She lives in a remote rural village and her life – and her family – have been fundamentally changed by the impact of HIV/Aids. But she is determined to build an independent income for herself and end the cycle of dependency that drives down her and her friends. She wants…

Positive about women in Swaziland

Lord McConnell

I am in Swaziland this week to support and assess a new development project called Tools for Life. All the hard work has been done by Wales-based charity Positive Women, and the McConnell International Foundation has supported the pilot underway this month. I will try to Blog here on what I see, and on life…