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Lord Soley

The House held a very good debate on Libya last Friday. The main problem we had was the number of speakers – not itself a problem but it meant we were limited to a maximum of 7 minutes. I focusses my comments on the need for intervention and the problem of post conflict policy. You…

Libya, leave the solutions to the Libyans

Baroness Murphy

I don’t ‘do’ foreign policy. If ever I get the urge to pontificate in the chamber about our role in the World’s business I gaze around me at the many and various people whose experience is greater than mine and decide to keep my mouth shut. But I am incensed about Libya….we should stay out…

Libya and the Middle East

Lord Soley

  It is a humbling experience to watch the incredible bravery of the Libyan people and the cool headed approach of so many Arabs in the current upheavals throughout the region. None of us can be sure how this will end but I am personally very encouraged and more inclined to optimism than pessimism. For years…