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Attending Cabinet

Lord Norton

The House last night voted by 177 votes to 29 in support of a motion by Baroness Boothroyd that welcomed Baroness Stowell as Leader of the House, but regretted the decision of the PM to diminish the standing of the House by not making her a full member of Cabinet and requesting him to reconsider…

Leading the House – Baroness Royall

Guest Contributor

This is my first – and long overdue – posting on Lords of the Blog.  Having read some of the recent contributions from colleagues across the House I can see what a fantastic place it is to spread the word about the House of Lords and all the interesting and important work that goes on…

Quiz question

Lord Norton

I thought I would pose a quick and straightforward quiz question.  Depending on how quickly it is answered, I may post another over the course of the weekend. How many women have held the post of Leader of the House of Lords?  Who are they?

Ministers in the Lords

Lord Norton

Earlier this year, I was asked to do a post on the role of ministers in the Lords.  Normally the number of ministers sitting in the Lords is just over twenty, representing approximately twenty per cent of ministers.  They usually include two Cabinet members (the Leader of the House and now the Chief Whip –…