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The truth about jobs in the European rail industry – don’t follow incumbents if you want Europe’s railways to prosper!

Lord Berkeley

Two recent reports demonstrate the risks to the European rail industry of being required to follow the policy of SNCF, made even worse by the recent restructuring of the railway there to re-integrated SNCF and RFF.   According to a study commissioned by UTP, SNCF and ARAF1, SNCF already employs up to 43% more people to…

In praise of older women

Baroness Deech

On her 60th birthday, 16 October, Baroness Brinton asked the Minister, Lord Freud, what steps the government were taking to address unemployment amongst older women.  The Baroness suggested that unemployment amongst older women was rocketing.  The statistics given by the Minister, however, were encouraging.  He said that the unemployment rate amongst women aged 5-64 was…