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Let me introduce myself.

Lord Trees

It is wonderful at my stage of life to still be doing new things – so here is my first ever blog. To start, let me introduce myself. Born in Yorkshire and brought up in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, I studied Veterinary Science at university. I have spent my career as a veterinary surgeon in practice, in…

New Year quiz question

Lord Norton

Here’s a question to start off the New Year.  I like to think that it is Google-proof, but no doubt I shall soon be proved wrong!  The answer can be gleaned, though, by a bit of careful research. Here are the clues: 1. I sit in the House of Lords. 2. I am unusual in…

Introduction into the Lords….

Lord Norton

Howridiculous asked me to comment on my introduction to the Lords – what happened, who were my supporters, how long was it before I made my maiden speech? As I have mentioned before,  there are two parts to becoming a member of the Lords.  First, your peerage takes effect – you become a Lord.  Second,…