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Keeping an eye on the other House

Lord Norton

The past week has been pretty hectic.  The Lords has been busy getting on with the detailed scrutiny of legislation.  However, peers have also been keenly interested in what has been going on in the Commons.  Many have followed the proceedings on screen.  Now that offices have TV screens, it is possible to get on…

What’s in a name?

Lord Norton

The Government wishes to replace the existing House of Lords with a new House, with almost 80% of the members being elected.  I say ‘almost’ because the Government’s Bill does not, as widely reported, propose a 450-member House, of which 80% are elected.  It provides for 360 elected members, 90 appointed members, up to 12 Lords Spiritual, and up…

House of Lords Reform Bill

Lord Norton

The House of Lords Reform Bill was published yesterday (Wednesday).   You can see a copy here.  It differs in important respects from the Government’s draft Bill and the recommendations of the Joint Committee, not least in terms of the proposed electoral system (the semi-open regional list system).   The Bill received a critical response when the Leader of the…