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The confusion of elections


This Tuesday from 10am to 8pm there will be the welcome opportunity to elect a member of the House of the Lords.  Naturally it is completely bizarre that only candidates who would have been eligible to be hereditary peers may stand, but that was the nature of the compromise needed to remove hereditaries from the…

How many hereditary peers sit in Parliament?

Lord Norton

How many hereditary peers sit in Parliament?  If you think the answer is 92 – the number prescribed by the House of Lords Act 1999 – you would be wrong.  There are indeed 92 hereditary peers who sit in the Lords by virtue of the 1999 Act.  However, there are other hereditary peers who also sit. …

Fifty years on

Lord Norton

This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the passage of the Life Peerages Act 1958.  There will be various events to mark the anniversary. Before 1958, the House was comprised primarily, though not exclusively, of hereditary peers.  The exceptions were the Lords Spiritual and the law lords.  The law lords were (under an Act of…