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Vox pop

Lord Norton

I spoke last week to students at Franklin College, Grimsby, and to Hansard Society scholars in London on the British Constitution.  The topic, as it tends to, generated a range of questions.  Yesterday, I spoke on the role of the House of Lords to Y12 and Y13 students at Brackenhale School in Bracknell, Berkshire.  What…

Referendum debate

Lord Norton

I attended a debate this evening, organised by the Hansard Society, on referendums.  There were two speakers in favour of their use – former Cabinet minister and now independent MP Clare Short and Liberal Democrat MP Chris Huhne.  Speaking against were Conservative MP David Curry and Steve Richards from The Independent.  David Butler, the doyen…

This blog is six weeks old

Lord Soley

With 30,568 visits in the first six  weeks of this blog I hope to persuade a few more of my colleagues to participate.  I have tabled a question for answer next Thursday asking how we can inform the public about the work of Parliament. This blog is part of the answer and it gives me and other blogging Lords…