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do we need the Severn Barrage?

Lord Berkeley

Severn barrage: decarbonising shouldn’t come at any cost As one of the few civil engineers in Parliament, I’ve long tracked the debate around attempts to harness the power of the Severn Estuary. Huge potential undoubtedly exists, but as the UK seeks to decarbonise its energy mix, projects of this nature and scale still need to…

Tunnel Vision?

Guest Contributor

Today the EU Sub-Committee on the Internal Market, Energy and Transport published our report on the Channel Tunnel , entitled ‘Tunnel Vision?’ The report is the culmination of seven months of hard work, huge stimulation and some humorous moments.  The members of the Committee have become railway enthusiasts and, indeed, experts! The Committee agreed to…

Lords keeping up with events

Lord Tyler

The House of Lords has a fusty reputation, always behind the times. But we can move quite quickly if we want to. There is a new item for our business today: we will be interrupted for an hour or so for the Government to tell us what is happening in the row with the Russians.…