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Arguments against PR

Lord Norton

I promised to identify some of the arguments against proportional representation (PR).  The Prime Minister is proposing a referendum on the alternative vote (AV), but that does not qualify as a PR system.  It is because it doesn’t that the Jenkins Commission came up with AV+.  I confine myself here to PR and offer a taster…

Oh Lord!

Lord Tyler

Apparently we are going live today. So far, our blog confessions have had a very limited audience, but now anyone may see what we have been doing. Not that I have anything to hide. Indeed, I suspect that most members of the Lords would be only too happy if the public could and did take…


Lord Tyler

Luck – that is what dominates so much of life in Parliament. Both in the Commons and in the Lords Members will admit that they have been as often lucky as skilful in their successes. And, indeed, bad luck can be even more devastating than bad judgement. I was reminded of this yesterday, and then…