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Parliament should now focus the rest of this session on the economic and social crises


The recall of Parliament today went better than I expected. In the Lords I think the questions on public disorder were measured and appropriate, and the tone continued that set in the Commons by David Cameron and Ed Miliband in avoiding political rancour. Today was the day for standing shoulder to shoulder against criminality, for…

Thoughts for the year

Lord Norton

Both Houses of Parliament are among the busiest legislative chambers in the world.  2008 has been a busy one for the House of Lords, though no more than usual.  Some of it activities have attracted media attention – as over the defeat of the proposal for detention without charge for 42 days – but they are very much…

Parliament sidelined

Lord Norton

The events of recent days, with world financial turmoil, have rather borne out my earlier observations about the consequences of a long parliamentary recess.  The US Congress has been at the centre of attention.  Here, the Government has been able to act under legislation enacted earlier this year.  Had that not been in place, then…