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Angels dancing on the head of a pin

Baroness Murphy

The Health and Social Care Bill committee stages started last week http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/ld201011/ldhansrd/text/111025-0002.htm and will continue this afternoon. We haven’t got past clause 1 yet. It was probably the most frustrating debate I’ve ever attended. It is all about whether the Secretary of State for Health should ‘provide’, or ‘promote’ and or ‘secure’ a comprehensive health…

Keeping people with diabetes out of hospital

Lord Rennard

Today, Lord Collins of Highbury asked a question about how the Government was responding to the rapidly growing number of people with diabetes.  I used the question to draw attention to the report that I launched today on “Keeping people with diabetes out of hospital.” The report was drawn up through a series of meetings…

Legalising brothels?

Lord Norton

One advantage of the House of Lords is that it is possible for members to raise issues that may be delicate, and others may not wished to be raised, but which deserve consideration.  Sometimes they are raised from somewhat unxpected sources.  On Monday, Health Minister, Earl Howe, was answering a question from Lord Fowler on…