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The debate over drugs

Lord Norton

Former Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth (pictured) has caused something of a political storm for calling for the legalisation of drugs so that they can be available, probably on prescription, as a way of tackling the major problems presently caused by the supply and consumption of drugs.  Some of the responses to his call have been predictable.  However,…

Drugs debate continues

Lord Norton

Further to my earlier post on the issue of decriminalising drugs, the subject is also discussed in the latest forum hosted by the Speakers’ Corner Trust.  The Trust summarises the respective positions of the participants thus: “Danny Kushlik, Head of Policy and Communications at Transform Drug Policy Foundation, calls for ‘a system of strict control and regulation…

Decriminalising drug use

Lord Norton

I see that Sir Ian Gilmore, the retiring president of the Royal College of Physicians, has endorsed the call made by Nicholas Green QC, the chairman of the Bar Council, to consider the decriminalisation of drug use.  He believes that this could drastically cut crime and addicts’ health problems. Drug taking is a mug’s game…