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Blue Badge Scheme

Baroness Thomas

Last Friday I introduced a Private Member’s Bill which includes clauses to clarify local authority powers over the Disabled Parking Badge scheme and extends it to people working on UK military bases abroad.  The Bill has already been through the Commons unamended and unimpeded because it has cross-party support.  In the Lords, as is customary,…

A Life Worth Living

Baroness Thomas

A couple of weeks ago I saw the most remarkable film at an All Party Group for young disabled people in Portcullis House.   It was called “A Life Worth Living” made by Dr.Jon Hastie, who has Duchenne muscular dystrophy and needs 24 hour care.  He and his carer  travelled the length and breadth of Britain…

1 year on: Coalition and Disability


As has already been mentioned in the recent blog entry by Baroness Grey-Thompson, on Thursday, ahead of the biggest ever lobby of Parliament by disabled people this Wednesday, I introduced a debate calling attention to the impact of Government policies on disabled people.  The general opinion was that it went very well.  We had an…