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Bad journalism is bad for democracy

Lord Soley

There was a sad example of poor quality journalism in the London Evening Standard yesterday. Written by Craig Woodhouse the headline is ‘Skiving’ MPs want another holiday’. There are a lot of things you can say about MP’s! not least about the failure to have a proper expenses system and some appalling examples of abuse.…

Home education and Iran

Lord Soley

I have spent some time reading the comments on the post concerning home education. I still have some more background reading to do but it has been useful. I think that some of the comments are unnecessarily aggressive and do not add to the argument. Hotly disputed issues like this need cool heads. I will…

Tyranny in the modern world

Lord Soley

I have read the comments on my colleague Baroness D’Souza post concerning Zimbabwe (See her post 22.12.08 below) carefully. I agree with Baroness D’Souza that international politics does not attract much interest on this blogĀ – a pity because it is one of my main interests! I also agree that organisations like the Westminster Foundation can…