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Is election the democratic option?

Lord Norton

In my Stevenson Lecture at the University of Glasgow in January, I addressed the claim that election of a second chamber necessarily constitutes the ‘democratic’ option.  This is often advanced by proponents of an elected second chamber as if it were self-evidently correct.   I argued that it is not necessarily the democratic option, a point to…

Lords Reform Again

Baroness Murphy

An article in the Guardian today by Lords Adonis and Tyler about the true nature of the House of Lords today is worth reading. I’m afraid their descriptions of current peers  are well observed. That’s why we shouldn’t fear an elected second chamber. See  http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2011/jun/26/lords-reform-overdue


Lord Soley

As the Syrian regime has manages to creat a black hole for journalism we should perhaps spare a thought for the incredibly brave people of that sad country. Those who think there are no differences between democracies and open societies should perhaps visit Syria – or try!

Home education and Iran

Lord Soley

I have spent some time reading the comments on the post concerning home education. I still have some more background reading to do but it has been useful. I think that some of the comments are unnecessarily aggressive and do not add to the argument. Hotly disputed issues like this need cool heads. I will…