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Rail monopolies in NL and DE caught out – again. NS fined Euro 40m; poor old taxpayers.

Lord Berkeley

The Netherlands rail incumbent, NS, has been fined Euro 40m by the Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) for abuse of dominant position in the regional tendering process. ACM found that NS has submitted a lossmaking bid in order to shut out competition on the regional tendering process. The other bidders were not able…

European 4th Railway Package. France, Germany et al still try to prevent competition

Lord Berkeley

      From Tony Berkeley, House of Lords, London SW1 Message to Luxembourg Presidency on 4th Railway Package.  There has been progress; the technical part is agreed, and the package is still together.  Keep it together, and ignore the warnings of the monopolists.  There are still a few serious outstanding issues which need resolving…

Result of Parliamentary Photo Competition

Lord Dholakia

Further to an earlier post, the Parliamentary Photo Exhibition has now been opened. This year’s competition attracted over 500 entries of which there were 7 ‘Judges Choice’ entries. For those who were interested, three of my photos were exhibited: one showing a woman sitting on the floor next to her broom, taken from above; one…