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Lord Soley

I would like to think there is a straight forward explanation for the alienation of some of our young people whose family origins are from other countries/cultures but I’m not too sure. Saying multiculturalism has failed raises more question then it answers. I have never been too sure what multiculturalism is. Does it mean allowing…

….And what about the numbers?

Baroness D'Souza

Given the enforced restrictions on blogging, I will be forgiven for being a bit prolix? We are told that there will be a massive influx of new peers arising from the Dissolution list and the new Government’s need to bulk up with whips. The UK has (embarrassingly) at present the largest second chamber in the world at…

War memorials – ways of remembering

Lord Soley

There was a debate on defence issues on Friday inevitably dominated by Afghanistan but it went wider than that. I referred to the importance for our troops of ensuring that we did not try and score political points in these debates. You can read the debate here and see what you think. http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/ld200809/ldhansrd/text/91106-0008.htm I also used…