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Love and Marriage

Baroness Deech

I have just been to a large and happy wedding, with guests who came from all over the world to witness the union of two young people and their families.  I have blogged and written about this before, but once again I am reminded that cohabitation and marriage are not the same, and should not…

Law in Action

Baroness Deech

In 2007 Parliament passed the Legal Services Act, which might – or might not – revolutionise the way lawyers work, especially barristers.  The law allows for, but does not insist on, barristers being able to enter partnership with solicitors, or with each other, instead of carrying on in the time honoured fashion as self employed.  I chair…

Bills on Friday

Lord Norton

The House will have a Friday sitting tomorrow to consider Private Members’ Bills.  Lord Ashley of Stoke is moving the Second Reading of his Disabled Persons (Independent Living) Bill.  The measure is designed to give rights to disabled persons to enable them to live as independently as possible.  Lord Lester of Herne Hill is moving…